I Used Yes To Vegan Beauty Products For 30 Days And This is What Happened

30 Days With YES TO Vegan Beauty!

Yes To, The Challenge!

I used Yes To vegan beauty products for 30 days and this is what happened...

First, I am low key so happy to have tried and completed my Yes To Vegan Beauty Challenge. It was so amazing to have dedicated my beauty regime to Yes To that it almost felt like a mini-relationship. I learned a few things about my likes, dislikes and some of my own assumptions were proven wrong. So, let's get down to the dirty and talk about skin problems.

The Skin Problem Overview

I care for my skin in my own particular way. Ask my friends you will find me at the beach under an umbrella with 1,000 SPF. My trust is in sunblock, moisturizers, cleansers you name it. A tricky part for me is finding vegan beauty products that truly work. The evolution of my skin is... sensitivity, I have freckles, I burn quite easily and I deal with random breakouts from time to time. I am sure everyone has had their moments with their own skin and you know your skin best. I also know it's not easy to talk about it. Who is excited to say, hey! Man, I'm loving life, my pets are doing great, career is on point and oh, this breakout on my face is the BOMB! Yeah...no!

So, here's my invitation to start talking about it. I believe if you are comfortable talking about your skin issues there's then a way to possibly solve them. If you have these problems chances are, someone else is going through the same thing too. So uniting and being open about your skin is vital.

The Experiment

Yes To has a new 100% vegan line. In the same fashion, with the exception of beeswax and honey as an ingredient in a few of their products, most of the Yes To beauty line is vegan. So, we picked the top vegan products as well as their full 100% vegan line for me to try for a month.

Here's the product list below...

My 30 Day Yes To Vegan Beauty Product List

  1. Yes To Carrots Vitamin-Enriched Kale DIY Powerd-To-Clay Mask,  Mud Mask,  Paper Mask, and Facial Wipes
  2. Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal 2-In-1 Scrub and Cleanser Stick
  3. Yes To Vitamin-Enriched Kale, Tomatoes Detoxifying CharcoalTomatoes Blemish Clearing, Grapefruit Brightening, Cucumbers, and Coconut Facial Wipes

Thoughts + Breakdown

Yes To 100% Vegan Line

How did it work on me?

I LOVE EVERYTHING HERE!! Ok, not just because it's vegan but because of how fresh it made my skin feel. The Yes To Carrots Vitamin-Enriched Kale DIY Powerd-To-Clay Mask is one of my favorites because you have the ability to adjust the mask and add your own ingredients. You can add avocado, lemon or a combination of your own ingredients to the powder which is pretty awesome if you're into DIY Beauty.

The Mud Mask and Paper Mask also both made my face feel clean. The feeling of  "I just cleaned my face and washed all the dirt away" clean. The main difference here is your preference. Do you like a paper mask you just put on or do you enjoy manually placing the "mud" on your face? The mud mask will naturally dry but definitely does not feel uncomfortable. What's cool about the paper mask is that it won't dry at all. Once you take it off, the mask itself is still moist. So I wiped it on my neck and chest area just to get the maximum use of it. As for the Vitamin-Enriched Kale Facial Wipes, they are also one of my favorites. The wipes felt as if they were doing their job while still being sensitive towards my skin.

Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal 2-In-1 Scrub and Cleanser Stick

Cleanser Stick

How did it work on me...

This is a totally different take on a scrub. For the people out there who love convenience then this is definitely for you. No mess, glide on and wash, it's as simple as that. If you are on the go and want a scrub that gives you a gentle yet effective clean feel then this stick is your effortless pick. This made a difference in my skins overall appearance and my face felt "spa" like everytime I put it on. Plus, I had a lot of fun using it.

Top 3 Favorites

Facial Wipes

How did it work on me?

There's one major idea I had to be open to... using face wipes to remove makeup. I have friends that solely use wipes to wash their face and nothing else. For me, that was something I was not used to. I embraced this fact though and found out that wipes are really convenient. My top 3 favorites were Vitamin-Enriched Kale, Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal, and Tomatoes Blemish Clearing. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the others but if you asked me to name my top 3 those would be it.

I used the wipes when I was traveling, used them as I was literally in the car and tired of wearing makeup, before bed and in the morning. They each have a unique smell to them and some are slightly colored with the charcoal wipes being fully black which I thought was pretty interesting. In all, I definitely realized I will use wipes more often especially when I'm traveling.

Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal 2-In-1 Scrub and Cleanser Stick

Final Thoughts

I truly believe in Yes To, their mission, their vibe and yes, their products are worth trying out. I did have my top favorites but in all their vegan products are pretty solid. The smell of each product is unique and quite pleasant. Cucumber smells like cucumber and charcoal wipes are black so the brand delivers. My personal favorite is the "100% Vegan" label which makes it easy to identify if you are searching for cruelty-free products. Obviously, everyone will have their own opinion and fall in love with various products but Yes To is definitely worth your money, time and trust.

To learn more about Yes To click here.
Live Balanced. Live Great.
All There August

Jessica Salazar

*Yes To provided products so that I could better review their vegan beauty. In essence, I only partner with brands I truly believe in.

4 DIY Vegan Beauty Products and Recipes You Know You Need

It seems as if new beauty products hit the market daily. Don't be fooled most people are not mad about it but... sometimes a girl just wants to Do-It-Yourself! I personally love a DIY especially when you may already have the ingredients in your kitchen. Most importantly, these ingredients are natural and vegan, yay!

So my team experimented to bring you 4 DIY Vegan Beauty Products and Recipes You Know You Need. Jacky Q took the guesswork out of the dirty work for us and here's her DIY tell-all...

4 DIY Vegan Beauty Products and Recipes You Know You Need

With summer just around the corner who doesn’t want flawless skin and healthy hair?! Nowadays it is all about the “no-makeup” makeup look, and hair that can look great without having to apply any heat to it. Sadly, we don’t all have time or patience to do an intense skincare routine every night. Also, we want to achieve the “I just got a haircut, look at how healthy my hair looks” look without having to take scissors to our hair so much. So, let us talk about these few simple, easy, cheap, DIY skin and hair care products we can create to achieve the perfect natural Summer look.

1. “Let me know if you need anything, I’m here for you” - LEMON-aid

I don’t know about you but, like most people, I have the horrible tendency to pick at my face and then BOOM, I am left with a dark acne scar that makes me feel less confident and makes me stress out even more.

Let’s talk about the old tale, I’m sure we have all heard of using but never actually tried... LEMONS! I have always heard from family, friends, and neighbors to try out lemons for dark spots on the body, but I wondered if it would work for dark spots on my face. Well, let me tell you, it worked wonders on mine!

Time to Exfoliate!

Don’t worry, no need to make a late-night Target run, all the ingredients you will need for this scrub can be found in your kitchen!



DIY Directions

Mix all ingredients together, grab the product little by little and gently rub it on your face. Use slow circular motions focusing on the most problematic areas. Leave the product on your face for 2-5 minutes, rinse, and done!

Salt can be a little rough on the face, so this is something that should only be done once or twice a week. I felt a slight tingle on my face, but it wasn’t something I felt I should be concerned about. Right after I washed it off, I could already see a difference. I really noticed the change when I woke up the next morning. Seriously, I could not believe I went so long with acne scars and after just one use, the homemade exfoliator solved all my problems. I am so mad at myself for not trying it sooner.

Now that we’ve exfoliated, let’s wake up our skin!

2. Berry Great Face Mask

Berry Great Mask

I am a huge fan of face masks but sometimes we have to leave them on for so long in order to take action. You also cannot laugh and talk or else the mask will start to crumble right off. I needed something that felt light and refreshing on my skin, and I found the perfect thing!



DIY Directions

I recommend using a brush and dabbing the mixture onto your face because it can be runny. Slow and steady dabs onto the face with a brush will do the trick! Once your whole face is covered with it you can let it sit for 15-20 minutes and feel free to watch funny videos online and laugh without having your face start to crumble. My face felt alive and looked much brighter with this mask.

3. We Got a Hairy Situation On Our Hands

Tired of feeling like you need a haircut every week because you want the ends to look healthy? Personally, I don’t even apply that much heat to my hair but sometimes it seems to look dry. Finally, I found something that would bring my hair back to life! Again, all the ingredients needed for this are right in your kitchen!


  • BANANA 1

DIY Directions

Mix all together and just dig in with your hands and start applying it to your hair avoiding the roots and really focusing on the ends. You may also use a shower cap for locked moisture, then, leave on for 15-20 minutes. Rinse off, shampoo and condition like normal.

Last but not least...


4. The "I get 8 hours of sleep a night" look for your eyes!

What is one way we can get our eyes to not look so tired and dull when getting more sleep is not an option?

Try this DIY...

Apply a thick coat of cool organic vegan strawberry jam underneath your eyes with a brush or a q-tip and let it sit for 5-7 minutes then rinse off.

Goodbye designer bags under my eyes!

- Jacky Q
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Live Balanced. Live Great.
All There August

Jessica Salazar

Disclaimer* We love experimenting DIY routines for you but remember, we are not Dermatologists and the content provided is just advice.