DIY Vegan Bowl

Vegan Bowl to your rescue! This is simple yet appetizing and well...let these pictures do the talking.


Wild Rice



Mixed Veggies



Note: You can use any combo of these ingredients, sub or omit to your liking. Make it your own hence the "standard" list. I want this to be your own masterpiece (but I won't hate it if you create the same exact dish, in fact I want to see it.)

So it begins with the rice...

I used Wild Rice with added quinoa (cooked of course.)



The Veggies...

I sautéed mixed veggies using coconut aminos and olive oil.



The Potato!

You can cook these various ways but I baked them for about 20 minutes with added olive oil, sea salt, pepper and garlic. I have also made this with sweet potato as well, both equally amazing.



Those Black Beans though...

I used black beans here but you can use a variety of beans (probably the easiest step.)



And Voilà!

Your very own Vegan Bowl.



So once you have all your ingredients ready you can keep them separate until you are ready to go. When it's time to chow down mix all the ingredients in a bowl, top them with mixed nuts, hummus and ladies and gentleman you are pretty set to go conquer life and ready to EAT (wait, this is actually the easiest step.)

Please enjoy for the both of us.

Live Balance. Live Great.

Jessica Salazar

"Beyond" Amazing

I find myself either on a mission or pondering through new vegan items when I'm at the grocery store. I look for items that will keep me on point while I'm on the golf course or being "awesome at life" and this time I found Beyond Meat. So, naturally I was now on "my mission" to try a package (or several.) You see who wants to try just one chicken strip package? One chicken strip package needs company, right? RIGHT, so I ended up with these bad gals. It was all for research, all for you, I promise. So please meet Beyond Meat...Chicken Strips, Swedish Meatballs and Beast Burger.

This is the Group.



Enjoy the Meat-free beauty...

Beyond Chicken

Lightly Seasoned Strips




For the chicken strips I did a stir-fry. I sautéed the strips first then added mixed veggies, nuts and flax seeds. They have a tender texture which makes them feel and taste like chicken. You can sub these strips potentially anywhere you use grilled chicken. Keep them as is or add your favorite seasoning or sauces.

Beyond Beef

Swedish Meatballs





Matching Swedish Meatballs with not only salty sauces but also sweet condiments can really switch up your dish. For these meatballs I browned them a bit and topped them with maple syrup. They were absolutely my favorite! You can eat them with maple syrup, jam and chutney or make them salty and toss them in spaghetti or a sub sandwich. These will change your life (I am serious though, I'm really not kidding...drop everything and go find them.)

Beyond Meat

Beast Burger, Beyond Nutrition Blend





I made these for my parents (yes, they eat meat) and they loved them. My dad especially (maybe because the name "Beast Burger" made it tough and manly) whatever it may have been he was definitely a fan. The patties have a meatier taste compared to a veggie or bean patty taste. The texture is also tender and you can grill them outside which is amazing because you can BBQ and be vegan/vegetarian y'all! Match them with burger buns, your favorite bread or salad and you will be ready to relax and enjoy your Summer days.

Beyond Meat as a whole is absolutely satisfying. You can find them at your local supermarket and they can be eaten in various ways. If you are a "Veg" person you will enjoy these and they will be a great addition to your meat-free life. For those who eat meat...keep an open mind and try them. You never know, you could fall in love (you know, like a romantic fairly tale) "Beyond" belief that you magically fell in love so fast...see what I did there.

Find out more about their awesomeness at:


Live Balance. Live Great.

Jessica Salazar

When You're an...Ethical, Vegan, Golfer Fashionista


Who are you!? If I pay attention to Snickers and "I am not me when I'm hungry" then Snickers is really making people (including me) question who we really are.

Well for some of you that don't know (even though I am always hungry I still "know" ME) I'm an Ethical, Vegan, Golfer Fashionista and Animal and Women's Welfare Advocate. What this means is eco/sustainable fashion rocks! I am vegan and yes, I do it for the animals. I play (and coach) golf and I am a HUGE animal lover and feminist (everyone has their own definition of what they consider feminism is) so BOOM! My definition of being ALL THERE AUGUST (All Balanced, All Great in all areas of my life.)

-Ethical/Sustainable Fashion Consulting

-Wardrobe Consultant for Athletes/Golfers in ready-to-wear and sportswear

-Vegan food education

-Travel to golf courses to showcase their food, course and fashion

-Visit/work with charities dealing with animal and women's welfare

These are a few of my favorite things (as I sing this in the tune of Julie Andrews, thanks Jules!)

Why I love these "things" you might be honest they make my soul dance, they make my soul move and yet they settle it all at the same time.

So in celebration of today (because why not celebrate today and after all its someone’s birthday somewhere.) Let us talk sustainable fashion and a spice of golf.


This is her, my Goodwill find!

I found this amazing purse at a local Goodwill and this jacket comes from a second-hand boutique. Using my sustainable fashion tip, mixing second-hand finds (old) with store-bought (new) has the potential to come together quite nicely. Of course you have to dig (and wash) these finds but taking a moment for yourself to explore a second-hand store is actually very relaxing and the best part is you give this fashion item another life. It had a story before you (and I often find myself wondering who had this before me and what their story was) but now you have it and it’s yours to make your own story with.


"The Jacket" that's been with me for a long time now and I still love her.


P.S. I use TaylorMade Irons because that's where my heart is.


The Look

So this is my ALL THERE AUGUST moment, this is what makes my life balanced and great. There is no one way to be ALL THERE AUGUST (or ATA) it's what moves you what makes your soul dance and feel at home. So what is your ALL THERE AUGUST life or moment? What makes you balanced and great in your life? Whatever it may be share it with me and the world, celebrate your awesomeness, celebrate your gifts.

Live Balanced. Live Great.

Jessica Salazar

Edited By: Angela Salazar (She's the bomb...but really.)

A 24 Hour Houston Vibe

FullSizeRender(24)Tell me what is better than a weekend with your girlfriends (or boyfriends, y'all can bromance too) eating great vegan food, fashion and The JJ Watt Charity Softball Game? Well...if you can think of something please let me know because secrets don't make friends (unless they are secrets with your friends that is.)

But First...

A Sustainable Fashion Tip: Mix new pieces of clothing with old ones. One piece can come from a thrift/second hand store while the other can be a new staple. When buying clothes ask yourself the following golden questions:

Will you wear this a lot ?

What can you mix-and-match this piece with ?

And finally, the most you really love this ? This is the critical question because I feel you should love every piece of clothing in your closet (for different reasons of course) but truly LOVE them. I do know though it is possible to fall out of love with your clothing and when that sad moment comes (just like a romantic novel of course) sell them to make extra cash, donate them or swap them with some friends.

So please meet my street style brunch outfit...and Brunch!

FullSizeRender(19)   FullSizeRender(25)

FullSizeRender(28)   FullSizeRender(26)

We were in Houston, Texas for 24 hours (literally) along with the company of rain, ubers and a few slices of pizza. If you know my women (ladies you know who you are and thank you for dealing/helping me with my picture taking and loving me anyways) be assured we made the most out of every minute. My Brunch Threads, I wore a black bodysuit (new-ish) paired up with jeans and a button-down I have had for years (old) see what I did there, simple? Speaking of simple, I will tell you something that was simple and DELICIOUS... The Vegan Pizza from MKT Bar. I usually have to substitute or omit cheese but this...this was simple, definitely a YUM and DONE pizza. So even if you have 24 hours to visit a city DO IT! Eat, dance, support a charity event and dress like a boss but most of all enjoy your moment and experience the city.

MKT Bar Houston, Texas

FullSizeRender(29)   FullSizeRender(30)

Houston thank you, you did us well.

Live Balanced. Live Great.

Jessica Salazar




What a Vegan Eats

To give you a little insight on some of the best vegan/vegetarian eats I have had these past few months I thought it was appropriate to show you snap shots I gathered. Different lighting, different vibes but hey... that's the best part you know why? Well, because it is real! So enjoy and visit these places because hands down these dishes were/are amazing.

You are about to be introduced to (refrain yourself from falling in love too fast) some of the best vegan/vegetarian options around...


Texas BBQ Burger

Loving Hut

2825 South Kirkwood Road Houston, Texas

This is when you die and go to heaven...(wait) then you realize heaven is on earth and you are eating it!


Whole Foods

Alamo Quarry 255 E. Basse Rd, Ste 130 San Antonio, Texas

Go to the food section and there's endless vegan options. I just put this sandwich together with their vegan chicken salad, spinach, carrots, tomatoes and hummus before heading to the golf course.


Gruene River Grill

1259 Gruene Road New Braunfels, Texas

Shout-Out to the Chef that came out to speak to me and go over my food preference THEN made me this custom dish! Veggies and pasta...ask and you shall receive.


Black Bean & Corn Veggie Burger

The Patty Wagon

The Hitch Mobile Eatery 312 E. Hopkins St. San Marcos, Texas

Umm...YUM and done! Visit the Hitch for a  great outdoor atmosphere bring your family, children, pet children and you are great to go.


Holy Avocado

St. Pita's

The Hitch Mobile Eatery 312 E. Hopkins St. San Marcos, Texas

Another YUM and done also conveniently (YESSS) located at The Hitch.


Moe Faux Burger

Moe Better Burgers

420 University Dr. San Marcos, Texas

That solid burger you need in your life.


La Bandita


1400 S. Congress Ave. Austin, Texas

I mean it's Austin (perfection) end of story.


Veggie Burger

Big Bob's Burgers

Downtown San Antonio, Texas

I literally had all the people with me (huge meat eaters by the way) try this. Needless to say...they loved it!


Vegan Delight, Vegan Bowl, Homemade Hummus and Baba Ganoush


206A San Antonio St. San Marcos, Texas

All around great food, I would eat this everyday if I could and...maybe I might.


OK, now take a moment to gather yourself.

Some of these dishes come with cheese or gluten-free options, you can either take it as is or make it your own. Let me tell need to eat through this list and then tell me how you loved them. Also let me know other vegan places out there I need to try.

Live Balanced. Live Great.

Jessica Salazar

When You Have a BAR Problem


Yes it’s true I have a Bar problem (no, not that kind of a bar) it’s the ones you eat! I work hard meal prepping and eating consciously but when I’m on the go bars are on the top of my food list. With being Vegan, looking at labels is second hand nature now and after trying numerous bars I have come to find some of my favorite ones. So of course I want to share the love my taste buds get to experience with you and we will begin with Lara Bars. I have loved Lara Bars the longest so we can call these my “First Loves”. There’s just something about these bars and their flavors that I am really crushing on and the fact that they are Vegan, Gluten Free, Non – GMO and Kosher make these the perfect combination of perfection. The Alt Protein is amazing because it gives you that extra protein boost you need after a workout. Blueberry Muffin, I promise tastes like a literal Blueberry Muffin and will not fail you. Throw in Peanut Butter and Jelly, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip and then Peanut Butter Cookie (can I please marry all of you now?) These Bars are quite moist and soft to chew. So, if you enjoy a bar that’s easier on the bite I would recommend that these are the ones for you.


Nugo Bars are my “New Love” I recently discovered them at Whole Foods and the Chocolate Pretzel with Sea Salt… I can literally eat every day of my life if you asked me to (gluten free and vegan, I mean what more can you ask for in a bar right?) Nugo bars are larger and quite filling they contain 10g of Protein so you are basically set for life with these. They also have a crunchy inside so if you enjoy more of a texture while you eat these are perfect.


Probar Bite in Mixed Berry, we will call them my “Faithful Love” these bars are very subtle in taste, the perfect size and lets say it ORGANIC! Can I also mention they give you a kick of energy and of course Vegan. Yes these bars are the Golden Star Kids. Now for taste think of soft, moist granola with fruit flawlessly put together in a bar.


Then finally here comes Nature’s Bakery Fig Bar, they are called my “Sweetest Love” in Blueberry and Raspberry for me this is the perfect amount of sweet all packed up in two little bars (I can literally eat 20,000 of them if you let me so please refrain me from doing so.) When you crave something sweet or want to indulge a bit put these in your life and you will not regret it. They come in natural fig bar form (just better!)


Eat these bars alone or pair them with fruit or a smoothie and you are ready for the world. Depending on your own calorie intake and personal goals and needs each bar offers you a wide variety of benefits. Let me know what you think because for me they are heaven and can be your heaven on earth too.

Live Balanced. Live Great.

 Jessica Salazar



Explore these amazing bars and all they have to offer you

Lara Bars

Nugo Bars

Probar Bite

Nature’s Bakery

Edited By: Angela Salazar

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