Fire Watch Project


The Fire Watch Project is a new fund and branch from All There August dedicated to serving local firefighters. All There August is a brand dedicated to supporting a cruelty-free lifestyle through philanthropic events, activism, initiatives, and brand partnerships. With the Fire Watch Project, our goal is to reach and support a wide range of firefighters beginning here in the Rio Grande Valley. Firefighters are essential to our community and we want to support them with funds that will then provide our firefighters with gear, mental health support, supplies and more depending on their needs. In collaboration with local businesses, the proceeds of each purchase from our partners will assist us in reaching our goal. Help us support those who dedicate their life to serve. This year we are so excited to partner with Proactive Education for Emergency Responders (PEER) and your money is going to a Non-Profit 501c3 organization that was organized with the First Responder's Safety and Wellness in mind. PEER's main goal is to provide First Responders with the most current and updated information in regards to safety and wellness through education and training. Catch us at @allthereaugust on Instagram as we will list businesses that will support the Fire Watch Project. If for any reason you can't make it out to these businesses or if you don't live in the area, below we have provided links so you may support the Fire Warch Project from afar.


Things to know:

100% of your donations from each outlet will go directly to the Fire Watch Project that will then support PEER this year and their initiates to help local firefighters in the RGV. You can support this cause by purchasing items from a local business who partnered with us or by directly donating through the links below. 


We know that these are difficult times and it fills us with joy to know that we are supporting local first responders. If you feel it in your heart to donate monetary donations reach out to us at @allthereaugust on Instagram or email us at you will also find our cash apps and GoFundMe page below. 

Venmo: allthereaugust


Cash App: $allthereaugust


Please stay safe, home, and clean. Thank you for your Support with the Fire Watch Project.

All There August,


Repurposed Mask Donations To Those Who Need

During these uncertain times, we have all developed ways to cope and get through. As for us, we have been busy during this time practicing self-care, reflecting, and caring for loved ones. We also felt the need to create and give back. 

Ways we have done that are upcycling masks and donating them to our community. We have made contactless deliveries, provided some to families, first responders, and mailed others out. We will continue to do this as needed for the respect of our community and loved ones. We ask that you share and reach out if you or anyone you know requires a mask. 

Things to know:

Your masks are repurposed, meaning we have created your mask from clean shirts, sheets, or various materials. 

We spray your mask with sanitizing spray but please do use any sanitizing routines you see fit to keep you safe and healthy.


We know that these are difficult times so we are donating masks to our community. It fills us with joy to know that we are helping but if you feel it in your heart to donate material or monetary donations reach out to us at @allthereaugust on Instagram or email us at you will also find our cash apps below. Your money will go towards making more masks and our stray animal spay/neuter efforts in the RGV. 

Venmo: allthereaugust


Cash App: $allthereaugust

Please stay safe, home, and clean. We will fight this together.

All There August,


A Reflection on 30: The Ugly, The Beauty And The Strange Trails Between

A Reflection on 30: The Ugly, The Beauty And The Strange Trails Between

I can't believe its here, 30. As I sit here thinking about my last 10 years of life I remember the very day I was 19. The thought of man, I'm turning 20, how crazy is that! Furthermore, there's a memory I have of taking a picture to mark that very day hoping I would remember and... I did. There I stood in my dorm at Texas State University, happy about what this new chapter would bring. Now, I sit here at 29 reflecting on all the things I did and the moments that passed in my 20's. Generally speaking, every birthday is important and if you know me birthdays are my jam, I live for them. This one though, 30, it seems weird, different, strange and joyous all at the same time for me. I have some feelings about 30, there's a lot I love and yet it's uncharted territory. Having time for reflection yet happily present brings feelings of the ugly, the beauty and the strange trails that fall between the cracks of it all. I think no matter what age you are we have all gone through things that are relatable, so, here are mine.

The Struggle

It's quite weird to think I started this piece at 29 and ended it at 30. To some people birthdays are insignificant but it's not that way for me. I feel things quite deeply and in the beginning, the thought of 30 was really off-putting for some reason. I was in my 20's for so long and now what? What am I supposed to do with a 3 in front of my age now? Yes, I embrace 30 (I embrace things in general) and I am so happy and lucky to have lived all these years but to be honest, it's scary. I have the right to say it, 30 is a different feeling. At this moment all the thoughts of, am I too old for this, how will I feel physically, I needed to have accomplished this by now... all the above (negative) thoughts and more start to creep in. It's the truth. Ultimately, as positive as I am it's natural to struggle with negative thoughts. This is a different struggle, the struggle with reality and age may seem minute but it's still significant in some form.

Wearing secondhand and local at Bouldin Creek Cafe in Austin, TX.

The Reflection

My 20's have passed and since I loved them so very much I was still holding on. I was holding on to a number that I thought would change it all. Now I am 30. It doesn't mean my entire life changes because of a number. It doesn't mean I should act this way, dress that way or fit in any "box" a 30-year-old should fit in, no. Uniquely, as I allow myself to feel these feelings and have this reflection, I am also allowing myself to let them go. I can't turn back time, I can't turn 20 again nor do I want to.

As strange as it is to be 30 (and I am sure you have felt it too) its life and it's natural. What I'm doing is continuing to love who I am, where I am in life and yes, the beauty and strangeness that comes with it. I'm 30, heck yes! I struggle, succeed and I am going to make the best of this day and these moments. No, I'm not perfect, no one is. With every minute I will get older and you will too, it's reality. Every day though I am realizing that age is in fact just a number. It's never too late to do something or try something and you can succeed at it. I don't care if you are 20 or 70 you can change your mind, you can make things better and you can follow your magic. Please...follow your magic, it's all we have.

The Mantra

So yes, today will be different but today is also hauntingly beautiful. It's all the emotions and ghosts from the past meeting my present thoughts. I have been through heartache, people have let me down, I've felt the loss in various forms and I have struggled. Some you have seen others have been private. On the other hand, I have also felt the love from family, friends, and in animals and strangers. I've received degrees, lived and traveled abroad and I have stepped into the light of finding out who I am and what I am meant to do in life. Life is ugly and sometimes we can't change that, but life is also ironically very marvelous.

Surrounded by the people I love and receiving warming messaged from around the world, today I feel love. So to all the people out there struggling with negativity for any given reason, you are not alone. This is your show, this is your life let's live for the magic that's within us. That magic doesn't have an age and it's waiting for you always. I believe every single person has their own gifts to share with the world so believe in the light you give. Age, the actual number is quite trivial against your energy and your actions. Allow yourself to live your true path, choose that always.

Live Balanced. Live Great.
All There August

Jessica Salazar

Why I Choose to Be Fur-Free and the Brand That's Pushing the Limit

It may seem simple... I'm vegan so I don't wear anything that comes from an animal, right?!

Well, what if you are new to this "veg" world or just beginning to explore the vegan lifestyle? Therefore, the thought of wearing fur-free (or faux leather) clothing may not seem as obvious to you.  As I began my vegan journey, I learned that living vegan goes far beyond the plate.

It's no secret, there are several luxury retailers announcing their fur-free initiatives. As well as many local brands and public figures coming out and stating they will have nothing to do with fur and some even transitioning towards a fully vegan lifestyle. Some animal welfare messages are subtle while others leave you with no guesswork. When you think of the word "vegan" some may automatically relate to food and half of that thought is true. Growing into my lifestyle though, I've discovered that for me, a vegan life means your beliefs reflect on the clothes you wear too.

Stay Aware

Do you think 4 little words have the power to make a difference or at the very least change someone's thought process. Fur Belongs to Animals...

Fur Belongs to Animals T-Shirt

"Charity and philanthropy are an important part of our brand & company. Together with our partners, we help to promote the relief message and help to raise the awareness." Filip Vuckovic - Co-founder of HIDE BEYOND

Fur Belongs to Animals Sweater

Why Hide Beyond is So Important in Today's Fashion Industry...

Hide Beyond is a PETA approved vegan clothing brand that (yes) does not leave you guessing whether or not they believe in animal welfare. Filled with fur-free and plant-powered quotes the message here is positive and the 4 little word statement you see above (Fur Belongs to Animals) is powerful. Hide Beyond not only partners with various charities but creates a conversation and raises awareness. Whether you believe in vegan fashion or not the messages plant a seed in your mind and gets you thinking, even if it is to say you don't agree.

Fur Belongs to Animals Pom Pom Knit Cap

Why I Choose to Be Fur-free

I always say, if I can't kill the animal with my own hands then I won't eat it. In this case, I won't wear it either. I understand everyone's point of view is different, I respect that. That fur coat may keep you warm or that genuine leather bag may look really pretty on your arm. I've heard it, I've thought it! For me though, I think about the animals. What the animal had to endure (I mean the entire lifecycle) for me to look nice in a pair of shoes for several... maybe even one occasion is not worth it to me.

Personally, it's about wearing something that I feel positive about. Something that came from love with animals and humans in mind, that's important to me. I can't wear leather or fur (or any animal product) happily because I know that an animal suffered (in some form) for me to wear it.

Avocado Will Brighten Your Day

"Philanthropy is part of who I am and giving back to the community is a way of life for me. There's no greater feeling than knowing you're making a difference. The best time to act is now." - Filip Vuckovic - Co-founder of HIDE BEYOND

Avocado Will Brighten Your Day

Hide Beyond is important because I hope by wearing their clothes someone will ask me, what does your shirt mean or I love avocado too where did you get that top? Hide Beyond may spark a conversation with someone who doesn't know what vegan fashion is. We choose to live life as we please vegan fashion or not but there is a movement going on that is bigger than just good fashion, so awareness is key. Even if you (or I) don't change anyone's mind on wearing fur directly. Maybe, just maybe, you made an impact on someone you didn't know by simply wearing a message. I'll take my chances on that.



Learn more about this PETA approved vegan fashion brand at

Hide Beyond

P.S. If you love the vegan threads make sure to use code JESSICA10 for 10% off your entire purchase.

Live Balanced. Live Great.
All There August

Jessica Salazar

Hello You Amazing Athlete

IMG_3196Meaning Behind The Name

ALL THERE AUGUST is subconsciously split into two meanings…



Hello You Amazing Athlete…

ALL THERE AUGUST is an Ethical Athletic Wear Lifestyle Brand that empowers individuals to be balanced and great in all areas of life. As a brand we believe in what is real and natural in the world yet staying true to the athletes needs for innovation and durability as you live an active lifestyle. We provide athletes with products and beliefs that will promote a positive mental and physical state for balanced living. Being an ethical lifestyle brand gives us the opportunity and responsibility to create products with a meaning where we can exercise health conscience practices and support women’s and animal welfare.

So follow our Brand and Blog …you can say we are a little bit of “all that is great” in one!

Jessica Salazar