Eco Golf Street Style, San Marcos Edition

For those of you who don't know, I played (still play) golf starting from middle school to my college days. After finishing up as a student-athlete, I also became the Assistant Women's Golf Coach at Texas State University. So, it's safe to say I have a love for the game but I also don't fall into the craze of enjoying what a "typical" golf outfit looks like. With this shoot, I wanted to play on my liking for both an edgy, street style mood and the classic game of golf.

Behind the Look

Leather and Denim: Matching faux leather and denim is a staple of mine. The elements of texture with color create a nice contrast (also, the denim is really comfortable) so this is ideal for an evening out with your gal pals.

I've had these pieces for a bit now and aside from my golf club, the denim top is the oldest item pictured. What's beautiful about getting your hands on denim is that as it ages it starts to create a vintage look which is wonderful because you can keep it in your closet for years.

Sunglasses: I am a huge sunnies girl as you see throughout my different styles I use some of my favorite sunglasses.  Just like my pink sunglasses in my previous look, these also came from the same local shop in Austin called Atown. This fun shop is home to the work of local artisans, which is why I am such a fan.

Photographer Highlight: It was great working with Larry Castillo, a San Marcos-based Professional Photographer. Larry loves to tell a story with his photos so for this look we really played on emotions and what it's like to live on the "edgy" side of golf. Props to everyone on set as we dared to play in the middle of the street which just added to the excitement.

For more on Larry visit:

Larry Castillo Photography

Makeup Highlight: My girl Makael Pritchard and I created this cruelty-free look by using a bronze and mauve color story, which continues to be one of my favorites. I decided to stay with the same makeup look and whip the hair up for a small mood transition.

For more on Makael visit:

Makael Pritchard Makeup

More on Eco Street Style, San Marcos Edition to come.

Live Balanced. Live Great.

Jessica Salazar

Eco Street Style, San Marcos Edition

It was amazing to collaborate with local creatives to build this full Eco Street Style Look, San Marcos Edition. If you know my clothing “mood” you will find my in a lot of dark colors (vegan leather, sorry blame it on my biker dad) but since it’s Spring I decided to give you print (you can thank my mom for that one) and color for a change.

Receiving my Undergraduate Degree from Texas State University and now working here as a Fashion Professor I have a fine love for San Marcos, Texas. So with this shoot, we wanted to capture the hustle and bustle of downtown San Marcos with several different looks. If you know San Marcos you will be able to recognize exactly where I am and if you are unfamiliar, well, welcome to “San Marvelous.”

Behind the First Look

Dress: I was able to score this secondhand dress for $9.99 at a local Goodwill. Key Eco Tip, remember I always recommend you take your time thrifting…the best things in life come when you are a curious shopper. When this colorful dress fell into my hands (after grabbing a few black dresses) I just knew this one was meant for “Spring Me.”

Purse: I am particular about purses and I have been on such a backpack purse binge that when I saw this one I knew I could transform it. The original purse was fully blue with no design or texture to it. So what I did (while staring at it for a few moments) was think to myself, ok, this is a perfect canvas to add a pop of color. So I did just that and added each pom-pom individually to the purse with beads surrounding it. You can do this with any purse by stitching or using the appropriate glue to add on items of your choice. This will give your creative mind some love as well as give your fashion item a new life.

Shoes: I took the same upcycled purse concept and geared it towards the shoes. I have had these shoes for years now and wanted to try something new with them.

Sunglasses: I am a huge sunnies girl. It’s just something in me that loves to wear sunglasses. These came from a local shop in Austin called Atown. This fun shop is home to the work of local artisans. Shop and support local, you all know my motto.

Photographer Highlight: It was great working with Larry Castillo, a San Marcos-based Professional Photographer. Each Photographer I have worked with has a unique creative expression, which is wonderful to experience. Larry loves to tell a story with his photos. As we go through my different looks you will see the story evolve.

For more on Larry visit:

Larry Castillo Photography

Makeup Highlight: So my girl Makael Pritchard and I created this cruelty-free look using products that show love to our fur babies. We went for a bronze and mauve color story, which is one of my favorites. The makeup lasted the entire day which it vital for shoots and if you are on the go. Makael is a pure artist and can create any look you desire which is why she is made to be the Boss Babe she is.

For more on Makael visit:

Makael Pritchard Makeup

More on Eco Street Style, San Marcos Edition to come.

Live Balanced. Live Great.

Jessica Salazar





When You're an...Ethical, Vegan, Golfer Fashionista


Who are you!? If I pay attention to Snickers and "I am not me when I'm hungry" then Snickers is really making people (including me) question who we really are.

Well for some of you that don't know (even though I am always hungry I still "know" ME) I'm an Ethical, Vegan, Golfer Fashionista and Animal and Women's Welfare Advocate. What this means is eco/sustainable fashion rocks! I am vegan and yes, I do it for the animals. I play (and coach) golf and I am a HUGE animal lover and feminist (everyone has their own definition of what they consider feminism is) so BOOM! My definition of being ALL THERE AUGUST (All Balanced, All Great in all areas of my life.)

-Ethical/Sustainable Fashion Consulting

-Wardrobe Consultant for Athletes/Golfers in ready-to-wear and sportswear

-Vegan food education

-Travel to golf courses to showcase their food, course and fashion

-Visit/work with charities dealing with animal and women's welfare

These are a few of my favorite things (as I sing this in the tune of Julie Andrews, thanks Jules!)

Why I love these "things" you might be honest they make my soul dance, they make my soul move and yet they settle it all at the same time.

So in celebration of today (because why not celebrate today and after all its someone’s birthday somewhere.) Let us talk sustainable fashion and a spice of golf.


This is her, my Goodwill find!

I found this amazing purse at a local Goodwill and this jacket comes from a second-hand boutique. Using my sustainable fashion tip, mixing second-hand finds (old) with store-bought (new) has the potential to come together quite nicely. Of course you have to dig (and wash) these finds but taking a moment for yourself to explore a second-hand store is actually very relaxing and the best part is you give this fashion item another life. It had a story before you (and I often find myself wondering who had this before me and what their story was) but now you have it and it’s yours to make your own story with.


"The Jacket" that's been with me for a long time now and I still love her.


P.S. I use TaylorMade Irons because that's where my heart is.


The Look

So this is my ALL THERE AUGUST moment, this is what makes my life balanced and great. There is no one way to be ALL THERE AUGUST (or ATA) it's what moves you what makes your soul dance and feel at home. So what is your ALL THERE AUGUST life or moment? What makes you balanced and great in your life? Whatever it may be share it with me and the world, celebrate your awesomeness, celebrate your gifts.

Live Balanced. Live Great.

Jessica Salazar

Edited By: Angela Salazar (She's the bomb...but really.)

A 24 Hour Houston Vibe

FullSizeRender(24)Tell me what is better than a weekend with your girlfriends (or boyfriends, y'all can bromance too) eating great vegan food, fashion and The JJ Watt Charity Softball Game? Well...if you can think of something please let me know because secrets don't make friends (unless they are secrets with your friends that is.)

But First...

A Sustainable Fashion Tip: Mix new pieces of clothing with old ones. One piece can come from a thrift/second hand store while the other can be a new staple. When buying clothes ask yourself the following golden questions:

Will you wear this a lot ?

What can you mix-and-match this piece with ?

And finally, the most you really love this ? This is the critical question because I feel you should love every piece of clothing in your closet (for different reasons of course) but truly LOVE them. I do know though it is possible to fall out of love with your clothing and when that sad moment comes (just like a romantic novel of course) sell them to make extra cash, donate them or swap them with some friends.

So please meet my street style brunch outfit...and Brunch!

FullSizeRender(19)   FullSizeRender(25)

FullSizeRender(28)   FullSizeRender(26)

We were in Houston, Texas for 24 hours (literally) along with the company of rain, ubers and a few slices of pizza. If you know my women (ladies you know who you are and thank you for dealing/helping me with my picture taking and loving me anyways) be assured we made the most out of every minute. My Brunch Threads, I wore a black bodysuit (new-ish) paired up with jeans and a button-down I have had for years (old) see what I did there, simple? Speaking of simple, I will tell you something that was simple and DELICIOUS... The Vegan Pizza from MKT Bar. I usually have to substitute or omit cheese but this...this was simple, definitely a YUM and DONE pizza. So even if you have 24 hours to visit a city DO IT! Eat, dance, support a charity event and dress like a boss but most of all enjoy your moment and experience the city.

MKT Bar Houston, Texas

FullSizeRender(29)   FullSizeRender(30)

Houston thank you, you did us well.

Live Balanced. Live Great.

Jessica Salazar




Fashionably Ethical


Pondering on what our first subject should be it was only natural for us to zone in on the importance of ethical fashion. Speaking with individuals unfamiliar with ethical, eco, green, sustainable and fair-trade fashion the following questions came up in conversation:

  1. What does Ethical Fashion mean?
  1. Why Ethical Fashion?
  1. What made me decide Ethical Fashion?
  1. How can people look for clothing or products that are considered ethical?

Lets start with what does Ethical Fashion mean, Question #1?

Now people’s morals differ from one another so in reality “ethical” can have different meanings to different people. For me as a designer and entrepreneur Ethical Fashion means creating a brand, designing, sourcing and partnering with individuals and companies that genuinely care about the well-being of consumers, employees, animals, giving back and the current and future impact on our environment. An ethical brand though can decide to focus on one, a few or all of these issues. For example, a company can use organic cotton yet may manufacturer abroad in factories that are environmentally unsafe. This example should not stop you from buying products made from organic material (because you should) but it gives you an explanation on how companies may use a sustainable angle in their brand. One is not greater than the other because it all goes back to what is important to the brand. On the other hand, brands using organic material in their products also do work with fair-trade manufacturers. This depends on what the founder is passionate for and what the brand represents. So to bring it all together, an ethical fashion brand strives to make positive changes, changes that make a difference in a life and the ecosystem.

Question #2 and #3

Why Ethical Fashion? To be purely honest, I chose to create an Ethical Athletic Wear Brand and Blog because I was passionate about it. Studying and working in the industry made me realize I wanted to be the change. I wanted to look at all these issue (the well-being of consumers, employees, animals, giving back and the current and future impact on our environment) and address them all. As I traveled and my knowledge grew I started to become more and more passionate about creating this brand that “gave out” positive to the world. That it gave more instead of taking from someone, that it spread positive energy to everyone the brand came across, that became and currently is my goal. My two passions, women’s and animal welfare, dear and important to my heart also was a pushing point for me to become this brand. How can I preach to be balanced and great in all areas of life if I don’t believe myself? So that’s what I did, the brand All There August is a resemblance of everything I care about all in one.

Finally #4, how can people look for clothing or products that are considered ethical?

Many brands are starting to address this “issue” in their designing. I say, “issue” in quotes because for me it’s a crystal clear problem that should automatically be addressed when developing a brand and not thought of after the fact.

So one shopping habit people can consider is shopping local. Visit local markets and boutiques around your area and support and buy from these brands. Supporting local helps your community grow and reduces carbon footprint. Look for product using organic or recycled material and check for the “Made in.” Made in the U.S.A is wonderful and supports U.S. manufacturing. Hindsight, there are also brands that help empower women in developing countries by having them create products and provide them with a healthy, safe work environment and pay wage. These brands will usually make this known so it’s very important to support them as well. Cruelty free is another term to look for. This means no animals were harmed in the making of a product and can be found on tags or packaging. As for cosmetics or household items, it will be stated on the bottle or packaging “not tested on animals. “ Another factor to look for, does the brand give back and to what causes? There are also many brands on social media that serve as a platform for social, ethical brands. Their primary focus is to showcase these brands and make it easier for people to find ethical brands in one place.

After reading this maybe you will think to yourself, it’s time to make a change. Now if you are new to this world make small changes. Read labels or use products not tested on animals, so look for that sign or tag (usually has a small bunny, cruelty free or not tested on animals). The smallest changes matter, you matter and animals matter. Once you are aware, (which after reading this I hope you are and look up ethical fashion brands and products) you can make positive changes, remember that.

Live Balanced. Live Great.

Jessica Salazar


Blogging With All There August


It’s Jessica Salazar, Founder of All There August, an ethical athletic wear brand and blog promoting a balanced, positive lifestyle for athletes. I am an ethical entrepreneur, advocate, coach and professor. I received my undergraduate degree in Fashion Merchandising and Masters Degree in Fashion Entrepreneurship. I have been fortunate enough to work in the fashion industry in the US and Europe. With my knowledge and experience also as a college athlete I created a brand of ethical athletic wear that spreads love in positive ways. This blog was created as a space that provides athletes with knowledge on ethical fashion and beauty, organic health foods and health, travel and women’s and animal welfare. We will talk about how to be a Positive Lifestyler in all areas of your life, plus other interesting adventures and ideas I can get my hands on. Follow us with local and global topics and see what this ethical athletic world has to offer.

Jessica Salazar