The Orenda Tribe, Empowering Children and Breaking Barriers Through Art

The Orenda Tribe: Empowering Children, a Force to be Reckoned With 

Think about all the things you used to do as a child... your creativity, your imagination, your playtime. Now think about your lifestyle today, do you still practice those things? Are you free to live with the creativity you had as a child? When I think about my childhood, I remember making things, playing, creating and expressing that through art. My home was an outlet that nurtured the creative, artistic child I was. That was a huge part of my life. Consequently, not everyone has that opportunity to "be a child" and have a safe zone for creative thinking though. Therefore, if you had the chance to nurture your creative side as a child would you go back and do it again? Would you give a child that opportunity?

Orenda [oh-ren-duh] a mystical force present in all people that empowers them to affect the world, or to effect change in their own lives - The Orenda Tribe

There are many Ethical Fashion brands out there doing good (and I love them for that) but none quite like The Orenda Tribe. Empowering children in disadvantaged communities through art, The Orenda Tribe is a game changer.

100% Organic Cotton Purposeful T-shirt

Why The Orenda Tribe is Keeping Creativity Alive...

Think about it, there are several universal languages everyone can feel or speak. As a result, some may think differently but a few of my favorite ones are food, love, music and So who is The Orenda Tribe?  A brand with 7 values: Empower, Inspire, Hope, Fun, Community, Revival, and Growth. Bridging the gap between communities, The Orenda Tribe started as an idea of a t-shirt brand and became a growing movement on a mission to empower children through art.

We are on a mission of empowering children & breaking barriers between communities through art - The Orenda Tribe

Mama Bee T-Shirt 

Taking Action

From 17 Giving Back Projects such as providing a safe haven for children by promoting education and art at the Za'atari Refugee Camp to hosting Art Workshops that encourage children to attend school. The Orenda Tribe has reached over 2,000 children in 6 different communities to date.  With a number of their workshops including art therapy, the designs on the t-shirts are children's artwork from communities where they give back. 

The Orends Tribe: What We Give Overview

The Orenda Tribe provides children with the opportunity to create and for me, that's one of the greatest gifts you can give someone. They provide a space where children are free to express their ideas, their passions and most importantly feel empowered doing so. There are many hobbies, passions, and gifts a person may possess, from math to physical labor. As we know, art is different in everyone's eyes. What's beautiful to me, may not make sense to you but that is the beauty of art. Art is always right and it comes from a sacred place within someone. Without art, I would not be the person I am today. Hence, I know in my heart these children feel the same. Being able to translate their ideas in their soul onto a tangible item like a shirt is a magical thing. How else can you explain it?

A child is unfiltered and raw. As a result, I asked my nieces what art meant to them: Art makes me feel happy because you can draw whatever comes to mind, animals or flags. It's exciting to paint and draw.

Buzzy Bees, The Orenda Tribe Elements, Mama Bee + T-Shirt

Empowering People

Pursuing a career in the creative field may scare some people. People may think you are a "dreamer" or there won't be a guaranteed job for you. You won't make money or it's the unsafe (risky) route to take. Believe me, creatives have heard it all. The Orenda Tribe has shown to prove that to be wrong in every way. In addition, art is so important to a lot of children and adults in this world. We at times, push that aside and don't listen (or follow) our natural passions. So, wearing The Orenda Tribe makes me feel as if I am a child again. It helps me believe in a future where art and creatives continue to thrive.

It's no coincidence that today is International Women's Day. Let's continue to support the young females and youth in our communities. It takes males, females of all ages and diverse backgrounds to inspire a good change.  The Orenda Tribe is encouraging education, creating lasting relationships within communities, empowering people to make positive changes and it's all through art. Art is the love language here and it's our job to keep that alive. No great thing ever really dies, it lives within us forever. Alive in us, alive in children and we should spread that love.

Sun: Empowerment, Inspiration + Hope | Tent: Community | Leaf: Revival + Growth 

Learn more about the designs inspired by children's artwork on 100% Organic Cotton Purposeful T-shirts + Recycled Material in Packaging and support their cause of empowering children through art at

The Orenda Tribe

Live Balanced. Live Great.

Jessica Salazar

Sponsored Post: This post was sponsored by The Orenda Tribe, a brand I personally fell in love with because of their genuine dedication to inspiring our youth. I only feature brands I truly support in order to spread a cruelty-free lifestyle.

My Truth About Using a Straw and What I'm Doing to Make it Better

Straws, love them or hate them. Restaurants usually (automatically) give them to you and you expect to get one with any drink (or smoothie) you purchase. The straw is everywhere and we can't get away from them but are they safe for the environment?


My Honest Truth About Using a Straw...

I must admit, I love using a straw. I think about germs on the cup and how it helps me when I'm on the road but I must also admit... it's not great for the environment. We throw away millions of straws each year and they end up in a landfill. Can you imagine how many straws you have come across in your lifetime? Now think about how everyone is in the same boat with you. We (unfortunately, I included) use up straws and throw them away without a second thought. It's horrible, I know but these little guys have become natural to use for most people.

So What am I Doing to Reduce My Straw Usage?

Well like anything, it takes practice. My main goal is to become more aware when I use a straw. So I'll ask myself do I really need to use a straw to drink water or my smoothie? When and if I can do without, I will.

Another thing that I will incorporate is recycling these straws. Most straws you can recycle, so rinse it out and do it. It's really easy and only takes a moment but I've noticed that it's becoming a new habit of mine. If you can recycle it...recycle it. It's not only great for the environment but I promise, it will make you feel better. Better about yourself, your actions and towards the future. So next time you come across a straw (today, I'm sure) ask yourself do I need it and can I recycle it? Small actions make a difference and it starts with you.

Live Balanced. Live Great.

Jessica Salazar

5 Unique Sustainable Valentine's Gift and Date Ideas

The universal "love" day is just around the corner. Valentine's Day, if you walk into any shop right now you will see flowers, chocolate, stuffed animals, and balloons. You won't miss it. The array of pink, red, and white colors just bursting from the seams and then, you can't help but fall in love. Or if you're like me, fall in love (for a moment in time) then snap yourself out of it... fast! So what's a "lover" to do when you want to be unique and not buy into Valentine's Day Specials? In order to help you out a bit, I thought of 5 Unique Sustainable Valentines's Gift and Date Ideas that will be special, affordable and most of all sustainable.



1. Write Your Own Love Note

Take it old school, get a pen and paper then pour your heart out. This note can be really romantic or funny depending on the person you give it to. Creating your own Valentine's Day card is meaningful and shows you put time and thought into a gift.

2. Let's Picnic Together

Yes, please! Cook your own meal, snacks and purchase a bottle of organic wine from your local supermarket, count me in! This is such a romantic gesture, you and your loved ones can enjoy being outside and soaking in the day. If the weather is not on your side, take the picnic indoors. I've done both and organizing a picnic is a simple way to actually "be" together.

3. Pick Your Own Flowers

Go on, you can do it. If you have access to a beautiful garden pick several and tie them together. You can add this to your love note or be really romantic and place them around the house. There are also local flower shops where you can pick your own flowers as well. The main idea here is to buy (or pick) local. Valentine's Day is the moment you can really showcase your cupid side. Happy picking!

4. Make Your Own Valentine's Gift Basket

Let's "real" talk right now. A stuffed animal will only last so long and serves a limited purpose. Unless you're my dog, he still plays with all his stuffed animals. For me, I've learned that creating a custom gift basket with goodies that specific person loves is a more sustainable gift idea. It can be their favorite, soaps, baked goods, a book or beauty products. Goodies the person actually needs (or wants) is a guaranteed win.

5. Gather Together

Instead of a party for 2, why don't you gather together as 1? This could be a Valentine's with all your pals, single, married or family members. You may gather together and craft Valentine's Day cards, cook together or buy a piñata (we did that one year) then celebrate the love together. Don't forget your fur babies too!

Remember Valentines's Day is about love. You don't have to buy diamond necklaces, spend $100 on flowers or get the latest gadgets. So let's drink (or eat) to these Unique Sustainable Valentine's Gift and Date Ideas where we honor the true meaning of love.

Live Balanced. Live Great.

Jessica Salazar

Simple Recipe for Authentic Mexican Guacamole

Super Bowl, gatherings, birthdays, you name it... sometimes we just need a quick and easy dish that will satisfy. Growing up, my mother made homemade guacamole very often and boy we did not complain. We ate guacamole with tortilla chips or as a topping and it was simple yet delicious. Since we are in the party season, I wanted to share my mom's Simple Recipe for Authentic Mexican Guacamole.  You can make this simple guacamole recipe as fancy or casual as you like for guests, yourself or just to experiment.

See how I saved the avocado shells and used them as serving trays below.

Styled in Avocado Shells



  • 3 Hass Avocados (Medium to large)
  • 1/2 White Onion (Diced)
  • Dash of Himalayan Salt or Sea Salt
  • 1-2 Tomatoes (Seeded and Diced)
  • 2-3 Limes (Juiced)
  • 1 Jalapeño (optional)
  • Cilantro (optional)


Cut avocado in half, place the scooped avocado in a bowl and discard the seed. You may use the avocado shell as a serving dish or discard along with the seed. Using a fork or potato masher, mash the avocados. As you mash, add lime juice (1 lime) to prevent browning. Continue mashing the avocados until desired consistency is met. You may either create a chunky or smooth dish depending on your preference. Add the rest of your ingredients to your bowl and slowly stir.

Finally, when all ingredients are mixed add additional lime juice, salt, and jalapeño to taste. Using your saved shells, place guacamole mixture in empty shells. You may top with cilantro, tomatoes, onion or jalapeño for decoration. If you do not have your shells, place mixture in a serving bowl. You may serve immediately or place in the fridge to chill.  Use your favorite tortilla chips to finish up your dish and you are ready to go!

Find some of my favorite tortilla chips that I use with my Simple Authentic Mexican Guacamole below...

Late July, Clãsico Tortilla Chips Jalapeño Lime

Late July, Organic Chia and Quinoa Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips 

Beanfields, Jalapeño Nacho Bean and Rice Chips 

Eat Balanced. Eat Great.

Jessica Salazar

My First Marathon... As a Vegan, For Animal and Women's Welfare

Mile 3... mile 6... mile 13, my mind was counting down the miles. It was happening, I was on the verge of completing my very first marathon. As a vegan, I did it for the animals and women's welfare. Completing my first half marathon in 2014, I thought it would be a great idea to have the "full" under my belt. From half crazy to full crazy in just 8 months, registered in June, the race was in January. Previously active, this would be enough time to prep my mind and body for 26.2 miles. Not only was I about to embark on an unknown path but my mom agreed to complete her first half marathon too.

So there we were, together as newbies, some may even say a little crazy too. So how did I finish my first marathon? 13.1 was the longest distance I had ever completed. Well, it is very possible and you can do it too with practice, advice, patience, research, focus, and commitment. Below you will find a few tips and thoughts that I gathered from trainers, athletes, research and my own trial and error.



1. Give yourself time to prepare mentally and physically 

Asking your body to run/walk 26.2 miles is something. At times I like to be spontaneous and just go with it but this is not the time for that. Depending on your current activity level you need months, possibly even the entire year to start slow then develop your routine. As you practice you will then learn your mind and body and what it does and does not do. You will see when positive/negative thoughts start to creep into your mind or what mile you are strongest at.

2. It's not all about running

Your body needs cross-training and the right fuel in order to perform. It helped me to do a combination of workouts while I was running. Yoga, Orange Theory, stretching and foam rolling. With a combination of light and long run days, you need to feel strong mentally and physically. Plus the Trainers at OTF really kicked my butt and helped me properly prepare.

3. What you wear on a run matters 

I needed to be comfortable for my first marathon. When I ran the half a few years back the zipper on my sports bra cut into my chest and created unnecessary pain throughout the run. So I needed smooth clothes that would not create chafing or pain. I also personally like long workout tights, a long sleeve top, and hat to protect my skin from the sun. Everyone prefers a different outfit so my suggestion is to practice with your race day look prior to the run. Are you comfortable with a fanny pack, which trainers fit you best, will you run with sunglasses? These questions may seem irrelevant but will make a difference.

4. Eat for performance

Mom and I were on eating plans a week prior and really focused on proper fuel the last 3 days. We were eating to give our bodies energy and stamina and every meal counts for runners. Don't try anything new on race day, don't be tempted.



What I ate...

48 Hours Until Race Day

  • Oatmeal and Toast
  • Pasta with Marinara
  • Rice with Vegetables
  • Veggie Pizza with Marinara

24 Hours Until Race Day 

  • Normal balanced meals
  • Hydrated with electrolytes
  • Energy Bars
  • Bread
  • Cereal

Race Day Breakfast

  • Oatmeal with Banana
  • Hydrated with electrolytes

5. Run for something 

Mile 17 and 18 were the miles I thought to myself, wow Jess, this is kind of long. Oh, I feel my body hurting now! I was still very aware of my body and I did not want to hurt myself but at that point, you determine what will hurt you and what will push you. So after a quick body scan, I knew that it was only mental for me at this point. I had my family in mind, my parents waiting for me at the finish line, and the cause I was running for.



Race Day 

We woke up early ate our breakfast and started hydrating in order to digest properly. The race started at 7:00 AM and we arrived at 5:30 AM. We did this to find parking, be at ease, stretch, warm up and complete any final touches. My mom and I stretched and saw everyone arrive. My dad found his paparazzi location. Giving each other positive mantras then BOOM, the race began. We started jogging then my mom yelled go, Jess, you need to go. Knowing my run/walk routine I ran beside her, hugged her and said... YOU GOT THIS MOM! So there we were, my mom was in her zone and I began mine.

My routine was run for a mile or 5 minutes then a brisk walk for 30 seconds to a minute, my watch was set to alert me. I did this for the first 13 miles then I felt my body tired, so I would adjust the time. I would walk 2 minutes or run 3 minutes. Constantly scanning my mind and body when the time was up, asking myself, can I run more or do I need a few more moments to walk?

The cheer stations helped, I remember the kindness of strangers yelling. You got this Jessica! I love your shirt! I love your ears! You are doing great! You are looking good, you are looking good girl! The DJ's, all the energy was contagious and it helped me move forward. I knew it was helping my mom too so that gave me peace. I drank at every station and every 30 minutes ate something. Mile 20 came along, wow, I was almost done.  Our last turn arrived and I could see the finish line. So I ran the final mile, gave it my all and everything I had left. Heard my mom cheering, saw my dad taking pictures (Jess you are almost there) and I was. Passing the finish line was surreal, I completed my first marathon. I kept walking to bring my heart rate down but then I felt everything.

Drank pickle juice, ate, stretched and we were done. We made it! At this point, I was a bit delusional but I heard my name, Jessica Salazar 2nd place! Wait, what? How many Jessica's ran? What's the bib number? It was me, and everything became beautiful again. Running my first marathon, I placed 2nd in my age/gender division. I did it for the animals, my family, and all the females out there.

Believe in Your Ability. Trust your hustle. 



Instagram Diaries 

You asked, I answered. My First Marathon, top questions on my Instagram Stories:

  • Did you use Uber?
    • No, but that may have been a lot easier though, I'll check into that! HAHA! 
  • Can you even run a mile?
    • Yes, actually, I can run 26.2 to be exact. I really love to workout and stay active don't let the fashion fool you. 
  • What did I eat during the run?
    • Vega Sports Endurance Gel, LÄRABAR, Garden of Life Sports Organic Plant-based Energy + Focus, Bananas, Nuun, water, salt packet
  • How did your body feel during the run and how did you go on?
    • I was really nervous, I won't lie about that and my body did feel tired at the end. I knew though, I had prepared for the run and I was capable. You must get out of your own head.
  • Tell me about your recovery and would you run another marathon?
    • It took about a week for my body to fully recover. I still feel foot pain but it's getting better. Yes, definitely would run another marathon. I know how my body will react now so I may better prepare for it.
Live Balanced. Live Great.

Jessica Salazar



7 New Year's Resolutions That Last All Year

January is coming to an end and it's about that time to reflect on our New Year's Resolutions. Have we completed some or forgotten others?  Are we staying true or slipping? As we look back maybe you wrote them down or you're actively thinking about them on a daily basis, whatever the case may be we must remind ourselves that it's not too late. It's not too late to start them over, to make new goals or to continue them. No, you don't have to wait till 2019 or think that you failed if you go astray. You always have time to start fresh (cliché) but very true. We don't need a "new year" to tell us to do something or create goals. Of course it's fun and mentally a fresh start but in reality, any day is the perfect day.

So to celebrate the end of January (almost) I wanted to share my 7 New Year's Resolutions (I like to call them goals) that last all year. If you have yet to create a Goal List, now is the time to start thinking.



1. Take your business and project to the next level...

If it's a start-up business, existing or a simple project you're working on it's time to take it to the next level. Figure out what you need and what you want to accomplish, then, go for it. What's the worst that can happen? If it's a big jump perfect, brainstorm your thoughts, that's great too. If you want it (or wanted it) then that means something.

2. Stop touching your face and sit up straight!!

This is a personal one but one that I think may help others too. I can still hear my mom (and I am sure some can relate) sit up straight! Stop touching your face!  It is so true though. What happens? Your hands have a ton of germs and with the flu and other viruses going around, it's important to not touch your face. Plus, don't even get me started on blemishes! As for slouching, well, I need a kick in the butt every so often as a reminder to sit up straight but it's vital to make it a habit. It's not only important for your current posture but your future one too.

3. Make healthy choices for your mind and body

You get 1 mind and 1 body. Whether it be meditation, mindful eating, working out or ending toxic habits make conscious efforts to make better choices. Attach notes to your space to remind you or make a list and carry it with you. Do what works for you. It's easy to say but your mind and body will thank you in the long run.

4. Try 12 new things

Try 1 new thing per month. You can eat somewhere or something new. Travel to a new city. Start a new hobby, big or small. As long as you are growing and it is positive why would you not experience life?

5. Do something big!

Now it is ok to not know what your "big" thing is yet. You may not even know what it is until it's happening. On the other hand, you may know exactly what that "big" thing is too. There is no way to measure this and everyone's "big" moment will be different... completing a marathon, adopting a pet, working on yourself mentally or saving money. You know what your thing is and it's your time to shine.

6. Stay focused and don't let anyone/thing unsettle you

DON'T LET ANYTHING STEAL YOUR MAGIC! Nope stay away from bad energy, stay away. If you feel yourself anxious, sad, mad or just off conduct a mind and body scan and see what is creating this mood and then ask yourself, why? Remember you are in control of your emotions and only you, you have that power. Feel sad or mad if you must, allow yourself to feel those feelings then move on.

7. Purge what no longer makes you happy or improves you

Clothes, things or people! If it (or a person, bye Felicia) no longer makes you happy... then why is it still in your life? It's difficult to let go, I get it, but why would you hold on to something that no longer serves a purpose to you anymore? Or frankly, a person or habit that brings negativity to your life? Work at it, be mindful and have a moment but try to let it go.

You got this! I will be working on my 7 New Year's Resolutions (or goals) all year. Yes, it's ok to have goals that you work on throughout the year, it's realistic. Some you may accomplish quickly while others may take a minute but make a list and do it for yourself.

Live Balanced. Live Great.

Jessica Salazar

A Very Vegan Christmas with Skull & Cakebones

It's Monday (I know time is flying) and I can't believe Christmas is exactly one week away. You know what that means right? Yes, Santa is about to arrive and we must get our bake on... but what if we don't have time? If you are looking for some cruelty-free eats, want to try something new or you simply don't have the time to be in the kitchen (which will be most of us) this Holiday Season Skull & Cakebones is a vegan craft bakery that will surely please the family.



I've been following Skull & Cakebones for a (long) minute now. I first tried their Mocha Marmalade Trifle at the Blue Cat Cafe in Austin, Texas and I fell in love at first bite. My second love encounter with them was at Austin City Limits (ACL) where I literally tried everything on their menu. Ice Cream Cakewich, Mac N Cheese, Avocado Toast and Cookie Dough, I mean ACL is for eating right?!



So I thought to myself ok, I need to go to their bakery and see for myself where food heaven was. Not to my surprise, I found more food items that were AMAZING and that was the moment I fully become a tried-and-true fan.

Here's what I ate below

Cinnamon Roll, Sausage Roll, and Blueberry Lemon Pastry



Breakfast Bowl



From vegan bread, pies, and cookies to a full vegan Brunch Menu Skull & Cakebones will not only help you fill some hungry guests for the Holidays but they source their ingredients locally. This means you are supporting local brands while feeding your body "good" stuff. Visit their shop in the Hill Country and enjoy your time away from the city hustle for a bit. While you're out there don't forget to bring back some Holiday goodies for all those foodies in your family.

To learn more visit Skull & Cakebones and see how they are creating yummy food while staying cruelty-free.

Visit the Bakery

3991 E HWY 290

Eat Cruelty-free! Live Balanced. Live Great.

Jessica Salazar

Be Free, Sustainable and Rebellious with Z Shoes

Can shoes really be sustainable... can a single pair actually make the world a better place or save a life? We think about sustainable, ethical or eco-beauty products, clothes, and even packaging but have we thought about the full life of a pair of shoes and how they may save or harm us? The "sustainable shoe" world may be new to some but there's an ethical brand I discovered that's leading the way and shedding light on a critical issue.


Z Shoes Challenges today's business model by putting human

dignity and environmental impact before profit.


There are countless documents, articles, and films that show you the reality of fast fashion. The truth is retailers want to make products as cheap as possible around the globe. When needs (or wants) are not met production is likely to relocate to countries where labor costs are lower. This brings up major Global Labor Issues like child labor and sweatshops where working conditions and labor laws are often violated. Now, male, female (everyone) of any age can be affected but the largest targets are females and children. There are millions (and that’s not an exaggeration) of children under 15 years of age that have been involved in child labor. Many of these exact children are victims of slavery and human, sex and drug trafficking. Females specifically endure possible forced abortions while exposed to harmful chemicals. So who’s fighting to make this scary truth better? What are brands doing to make an actual change? Well, it takes me back to the question can shoes, a single product, actually be created to make a difference?

Z Shoes fights human and environmental exploitation by bringing financial growth to native communities in the Peruvian Amazon. Made from Organic Cotton and Wild Rubber, these sweet shoes can easily be a staple in your closet but what I LOVE most about Z Shoes is the story and impact they possess. A perfect match… Z partners with Not For Sale, a non-profit that fights human trafficking. Not For Sale, addresses human trafficking at every level, supporting survivors worldwide while helping to provide economic opportunity. It's a meaningful mission that unveils the shoe industry proving that it is possible to produce shoes that aid individuals rather than depend on sweatshops and harmful materials that have a negative and sometimes deadly effect.



So what's the difference between conventional street shoes compared to Z's? The Material. The Cause. Z uses 100% organic cotton, what that means for us... real ingredients on our feet. You don't have to worry about synthetics, harsh chemicals or plastics because this sustainable cotton is from the Solo y San Miguel regions in Peru, how cool is that?! With the use of Amazonian Sharinga wild rubber straight from the tree and organic plant dyes, Z Shoes assures that their kicks are then manufactured at a factory in Lima. Here, workers are treated with respect and paid a fair wage for their production, time and efforts.

It’s a classic shoe with a unique and grand message. Not only is Z pioneering the path for shoes created from organic materials but assuring they are doing it in a moral way. That’s why this brand is perfect for the active eco-friendly girl and yes, the guys too that are in search of a shoe on a mission.

Take a look at how I styled my Z’s


My absolute favorite pair is the 'Sharkskin' Women's Originals. The color, captured from plant dyes are easy to match and wear with numerous outfits.



If you are still in search for the perfect gift I picked several of my top favorites for both guys and gals below.  You can save on your purchase by using code ALLTHEREAUGUST20 for $20 off your entire order.

Now let's shop ethically...

'Great White' Men's Originals

'Deep Sea' Men's Originals

'Coral' Women's Originals

To learn more visit and see how they are fighting the good fight with dedication, craft and most of all bravery.

Shop Sustainably! Live Balanced. Live Great.

Jessica Salazar


The Power of Sustainable Fashion with IconaWear

What does sustainable fashion mean to you?

It's a question that some people may or may not be able to answer. Before I became an Ethical Fashion Advocate it was fair to say I really didn't know the answer either. That's perfectly fine to admit because it led me to my beliefs now.  I’m naturally a curious person. So I decided to educate myself on the topic with a combination of research, from documentaries to articles in hopes of answering this very question. What I found out was that every single piece of clothing has a consequence on people, animals, and the environment in its own way. Some consequences are positive while other fashion goods have a negative outcome. For me, sustainable (or ethical) fashion is cruelty-free, meaning, no animals or humans were harmed in the making of a fashion item. Sustainable fashion also means the fabrics are eco, upcycled or sustainable, the brand believes in a sustainable business model, local or handmade and there is a charity or positive cause that benefits from a purchase. There are a lot of aspects that you can consider (and that a brand can consider) as you decide to go the ethical fashion route. Now, by all means, I’m not saying brands (or you) have to consider every single aspect I mentioned above (some do) but as a start, you can decide which aspect means the most to you.

So after asking yourself what does sustainable fashion mean, it's then important to learn what brands are doing in order to call themselves ethical or sustainable. One of my favorite practices is upcycling. I create things and I have a special place in my heart for brands that do as well. Always on the prowl for the perfect upcycled piece, I came across IconaWear and let me tell you it's as if you fell into upcycling heaven. You "upcycle junkies" know exactly what I mean.

What I found out about IconaWear is that they create small batches of a variety of pieces. The great thing is they serve to a vast range of styles as well. I was fortunate enough to chat with Fashion Designer & Stylist of IconaWear, Sophia Marie and got the scoop on the brand and her beliefs.

Here's what she had to say...

This Is The Life Jacket

What does ethical fashion mean to you?
Well, after being informed of the critical conditions the world is in and knowing the impact I make as a contributing factor to the issue, I believe we have to take responsibility for our actions. We have the power to make those choices. No matter how big or small, it is up to the consumer. It is up to us to invest in the well-being of mama nature. 
What made you start IconaWear?
January 2017, I was practicing detachment. I cut off all my hair and purged my closet of all its excess. I saved some of the better quality items and thought to open an online shop to sell these secondhand pieces. Once the store was up, I asked my friends what they thought of the site, and they said: "Ehhhh, there is nothing special about the clothes." There was always that voice inside of me that wanted to add, tear, or mend clothes to make them more unique. So after that feedback, I started reconstructing the clothes I had on the site. After a month of putting together the first collection called Rebel Rose, February 2017 I saw the documentary, The True Cost. This film was a HUGE eye-opener. It gave me goosebumps down my spine. I felt betrayed, lied to, cheated by all these fast fashion companies and honestly just this industry as a whole. When those feelings occurred, I didn't want any part of the fashion industry. Then my brain started stirring and I thought of a quote, If you don't like something, change it. I realized that what I unintentionally was doing can be a positive contributing factor in fast fashion! After that film, I have yet to step foot in another fast fashion retailer. I started watching Ted talks, attending panel discussions and educating myself on the topic and what it means to be sustainable in the fashion industry.
The voice behind IconaWear is powerful, stimulating, and gets your blood boiling. It is meant to ignite the fire within us to get up and do something. This is what drives me, that this voice can lead others into the same way of thinking. This voice can influence your choices when it comes to your buying power and overall morals. Sustainable fashion is a sprouting topic. Similar to the organic food wave. Once people started finding out what GMO's and pesticides were, they didn't want anything to do with it. People need to know what certain textiles are made of (oil, toxins, etc.) and understand the "life" of a garment. How exactly did that garment travel through the world to then end up in your closet? It is going to be a long road, and all of us are still learning. It all starts with education, which then leads to awareness. As long as people are aware, it is up to them to make the final (ethical) decision.
What does IconaWear mean?
IconaWear's end goal is to be a symbol of influence, direction, and change. This name came to me as I was brainstorming for an image for the brand.
 I (as a dress form) - I (as a person) - I (as the information symbol) 
The power of I.
 Spring semester 2017 I took a class called "Icons of the Fashion Industry"
In that class, we went through the time periods, 1800's to current years, and talked about the different silhouettes of the decades and what influenced that particular style. For example, the exchange of cultures from East to West, War, Women's Liberation, T.V., Hollywood, The Hippie Movement, Style Tribes, Celebrities, Presidents Inauguration and their wives. Each event, person, place, and thing contributed to the way society dressed. People who were on the front pages influenced trends and styles of the decade. IconaWear will speak through the wearer. As a wearer, there will be understanding (even just a little) of the change that they are making by investing in upcycled garments. This, in turn, will create a cultural movement towards a more sustainable industry.
Why is upcycling fashion goods important?
The amount of stuff we have, as individuals and as a collective, reach beyond our needs. The majority of it takes thousands of years to decompose too. So, why don't we just be resourceful with what we already have? Giving items a second chance leads to a more sustainable future. 
What has been your favorite piece you created?
It is hard to choose just one! I love all the jackets, they are always fun to play with and style. I can't wait to try new techniques such as patchwork this coming spring collection, April 2018. We will debut the collection at San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week. IconaWear will also be organizing a DIY event, including fashion show/panel discussion for Fashion Revolution Week (April 23rd - 29th 2018) in San Francisco, California!
- Sophia Marie
How I styled my IconaWear, This Is The Life, cruelty-free jacket


I fell in love with the brand and their ethics, so if you are thinking of buying ethically this Holiday Season below are my Top 3 Picks from IconaWear

  1. Avoir Embellished Jacket
  2. Wallflower Chain Necklace
  3. Deceiving Lace Thigh High Cavallini

Discover more Sustainable Pieces at IconaWear

Shop Sustainably! Live Balanced. Live Great.

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5 Cruelty-free Bags with a Purpose Under $50

The Holiday's are here and with Thanksgiving already under our belts (possibly loose belts) a lot of us will now start prepping for Christmas. So to start the season and in honor of Shop Small Saturday I wanted to highlight To The Market, a company that Partners with Artisans to give us products with a purpose.

TTM assists artisan groups by employing vulnerable communities which connects them to global consumers, resulting in, their business growth.

What I discovered about TTM...

They empower women through artisan enterprise.

TTM showcases handmade goods made exclusively by passionate artisans who have overcome abuse, conflict, and disease.

They take an active role in equipping the survivors they employ with economic independence while raising awareness of the challenges they face.

There's plenty to choose from over at TTM but I wanted to focus on bags for you all. So, I picked my Top 5 Cruelty-free Bags Under $50 from To The Market, perfect for any occasion and ready to be added to your closet for this Shop Small Saturday season.

1. Love Bead Clutch

The story behind the bag: Based in Agra, India. Pushpanjali provides marketing and financial support to small and marginalized producers to improve their living. They also support educational and medical programs that help girls attend school.

Why I love it: This bag is fun and detailed. It's a statement piece that can be matched with color and pattern for a bold look.

2. Black and White Striped Paper Beaded Clutch

The story behind the bag: Handmade in Uganda, these beads are made of upcycled paper. Each purchase helps to provide the artisans' families with housing, education, food, and medical treatment.

Why I love it: First, it's black and second... it's white. I loved this bag for the "sporty" style it embodies. A great bag for daily use that can be matched with almost anything. Perk! This very bag is discounted so make sure to use code AUGUST10 for $10 off through Wednesday, November 29th.

3. Purple Banana Fiber Clutch

The story behind the bag: Circle of Hands Uganda believes in empowering women affected by Africa’s HIV/AIDS crisis as they become entrepreneurs, role models and leaders in their communities.

Why I love it: The dimensions and craftsmanship of the bag is pure beauty. Handcrafted of natural Banana Fiber leaves, gives creative touch and texture to the eye.

4. Pom Pom Pouch in Pink 

The story behind the bag: Based in Guatemala, El Sol Maya works with a group of fifty women. The Weaving tradition has been handed down from generation to generation and these women work to uphold their customs. With growth and support, workshops are now held in order for females to learn to be businesswomen and improve their quality of life.

Why I love it: This bag is as playful as it gets. I love poms and it is a great addition to spice up your bag game.

5. Mustard Paper Beaded Clutch

The story behind the bag: Handmade in Uganda, these beads are made of upcycled paper. Each purchase helps to provide the artisans' families with housing, education, food, and medical treatment.

Why I love it: Simple yet fierce. This color will create a buzz anywhere you take it. It's a wonderful way to add "drama" to your look while keeping it classic.


The story behind the accessories: Handmade by Agustina in Chiapas.

Why I love it: The wonderful thing about these accessories is that they can be matched with any of the bags above as well as added to ones you already own. It's a sustainable way to swap a look quickly while adding flair and style.

Chiapas Pom


Augustina Tassel

To The Market is helping us discover new beautiful products with a meaning. They sell an array of goods such as jewelry, men's, shoes, home goods and more. So if you want to give a gift that "gives" TTM has you covered.

Discover more at TO THE MARKET

Happy Shop Small Saturday!

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Joon Haircare, Everything Good and Cruelty-free in One Bottle

Cruelty-free haircare will no longer be the same with this little magic potion in a bottle. Joon Haircare, Houston born and Persian inspired is everything that is "positive vibes." Does anyone else struggle to find haircare that actually works and is cruelty-free? I did (emphasis on the did) before I stumbled upon Joon Haircare.  So here's the scoop, I (personally) am skeptical when products have a "rose scent" to them. It's just personal preference, sometimes it's too strong. Before I even opened it (and started using it) on my hair I already thought... hmmm, I don't know about this "rose scent" but I'll give it a try, with an open mind. Well, I gave it a chance and I am so happy I did. It had the right amount of rose without being too overpowering and in addition the perfect blend of fig and pomegranate, so Joon, you made me a "rose believer," a Joonie!

Let's get to the facts, what is Joon Haircare?




Image from Joon Haircare

Joon (which means "dear" and "life" in Persian) created a plant-based Saffron Hair Elixir, using a mixture of Persian secrets and modern technique.

What can Saffron, Pistachio, and Rose do for your hair?

Saffron: Strengthens hair

Pistachio: Nourishes and moisturizes hair

Rose: Allows hair to be smooth and shiny

Features & Benefits in the Bottle:

Gives Shine





Seals ends

Heat Protectant


No Sulfates, & Parabens


Ok, so now that we know the facts, I tested it out with my family (both male and female) to get some feedback. I had them use it for several days and here's key comments from them:

Hair felt soft and smooth

Hair felt stronger

Loved the smell their hair had through the day

They felt hair was healthy and shiny

Worked on frizzy hair

I used the Elixir for a longer period of time and overall I felt the same benefits above. I made sure to not use any other additional hair products (except for my regular shampoo) to gain true results. I additionally used it when I incorporated any heating tools and before brushing my hair. What I found out was, instead of using several haircare products to do the job I now only needed one that met my needs and yes, made my hair smell awesome.

If you like oil products or even if you are thinking about trying a new haircare routine Joon's Elixir will not disappoint. Use it on wet or dry hair, great for travel, local and a female owned brand...count me in because now I'm a Joonie.

Find out more about Joon Haircare at Joon Haircare

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What Is Palm Oil and Why Should You Care About It?

What in the world is palm oil? It's a question that has been floating around and now it's your turn to learn a little bit more about it.

I did this fun collaboration with The Animal Edit, where we discuss the basics of palm oil and why you should start caring about this ingredient that is almost in everything. Here, I go over palm oil 101, as well as give you resources and information on brands that provide lists of products you can buy that are P.O. Free. This article will put your mind at ease a bit, so let me know what you think, enjoy!

Live Balanced. Live Great.

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How To Recycle Your Look with Accessories

Have you ever thought to yourself... I have this same dress (top or bottom) and I want to wear it again but I need my "look" to feel different. Well, no more wishing for you! Below I'll take you through another series of how to change your look with styling. Let's talk about the dress first, I purchased it at a secondhand shop. The beauty of this particular dress is that you can dress it up or down depending on what you have in your own closet. Make sure to keep that in mind when purchasing your items, this makes it easier to create a sustainable wardrobe.

Now for my first look...

Look 1

The "Pretty" Look

This look is "dressed up." Since we have a few more days of Summer left I used a brown wedge, shimmer belt, and upcycled this purse I found at a thrift store by adding poms. I made sure to use a light colored choker as well as sunglasses for a playful vibe.

Look 2

The "Edgy" Look


So this look is using the same dress but I added a fanny pack, switched my wedges for trainers, added a cap and changed my light pink choker to a black one. I also switched out my sunglasses for a darker pair. The switch with accessories gives the power of a "comfortable" vibe with a bit of edge.


It's possible to use the same dress or fashion item of your choice and be able to create several different looks with it. Look through your closet and lay out your clothes and accessories. By visually seeing what you have together (at the same time) you can start creating outfits with them. This also helps you see what you frequently wear and sift through what you don't. Let me know what you think of these outfits or if you want to know how to style particular items, I would love to hear from you all.


Larry Castillo Photography




Blushed Beauty

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Top 3 Murals in Austin, Texas You Need to Visit

Austin, Texas has a lot to offer for both locals and tourists. I personally like to do "Cruelty-Free Best of Tours" in cities I live in, cities near me or cities I visit. Being from South Texas and living in Central Texas I had not yet visited Austin's famous murals, so naturally, I had to change that fast. There's a lot of  "famous" things to do in Austin but today, I want to take you through Austin's "Top 3 Murals" to visit. They are quite easy to do (all in 1 day) with parking, pictures and driving it can take you about an hour to hit all 3. I decided to take my parents to enjoy the experience, so gather some friends or do it solo but all you need to do is enjoy your city!

Cruelty-Free Best of Tour: Austin's Top 3 Murals

#1 I Love You So Much

  • Location: 1300 South Congress Avenue, Austin, Texas 78704
  • Vibe: If this is not the "top visited" mural in Austin then I'm not vegan... but really. If you want to get the full feel of what Austin has to offer visit this mural. Grab a cup of green tea or jo and enjoy the hip vibes South Congress has to offer. Get in line, take in the experience and snap a photo.


#2 You're My Butter Half

  • Location: 2000 E. MLK Jr. Blvd., Austin, TX 78702
  • Vibe: Located up on a small hill you will find this fun mural. Take a pic with your "butter half" or solo. Expect to capture a lot of vibrant colors in your photo and don't be afraid to strike a cute pose. P.S. I'm still convinced this is "vegan" butter, I mean it's Austin right?


#3 Greetings From Austin

  • Location: 1720 S. First Street Austin, Texas 78704
  • Vibe: Have you ever dreamt of your face on a postcard? Well, dream no more with the most welcoming mural in Austin. If you want to send positive vibes to the world from Texas then this is your wall. Painted on Roadhouse Relics, a studio and gallery where neon artist Todd Sanders crafts his vintage-style designs, this is the perfect mural for all Austin Lovers.


Cruelty-Free Style

On my tour I wore:

  • Secondhand top swapped from Bravely's event, Power of Your Purchase: Clothing Swap and Shop Talk
  • Thrifted Faux Leather Purse
  • Faux Fur Pom

What I Ordered:

Follow my "Cruelty-Free Best of Tour" Mural Version. Enjoy what Austin has to offer you and take some amazing pics along the way. Happy hunting!

Live Balanced. Live Great.

Jessica Salazar

SMTX Vegan Food Truck Domination

Let's start with... I love (love, love, love) food trucks! So, I must share that I found this new vegan food truck called Binge Kitchen. It's 100% plant-based and locally owned in San Marcos, Texas. Binge Kitchen has a variety of pancakes, themed tacos, burgers and weekly dinner specials. Being San Marcos's first fully vegan food truck, there's been quite the buzz around town so you better believe I had to find out for myself!

Binge Kitchen Vegan Food Truck

The Menu

Black Lemonade

I was fortunate enough to meet the owners and had them choose what my food fate would be. I was open to try any meal so I simply said: "I'll take your favorite/most popular" and (drum roll) that was their Barbecue Burger. It was perfect (and no, not just because I am a foodie) this burger is now really one of my top favorite vegan burgers of all time.

A relaxed environment, super friendly staff and owners with amazing food, you must stop by and try their food. Here's a look at Binge Kitchen and what I had below.

Barbecue Burger

Visit Binge Kitchen and see what they have to offer at:

Binge Kitchen

Live Balanced. Live Great.

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SixChel, The “Capsule” of True Fashion & Sustainability

Some of us know the value of sustainability in fashion while others may be new to the game (don’t worry it’s a simple/complex world) but you are all welcome to explore here. You see, “ethical brands” value different aspects of sustainability. This means some brands may use only organic (new) fabrics while others upcycle (used fabrics) or give proceeds to charity. So, it’s important for the consumer to be aware of “brand beliefs" and how they (as a company) personally partake in the Eco Fashion Revolution. So today, my focus is specifically on a brand I’ve been fortunate enough to discover, SixChel.

SixChel encourages female empowerment and believes that by supporting the diversity amongst women, they will create a positive and acceptable environment for all women who seek comfort in sustainable and stylish clothes. SixChel also focuses on slow-fashion principles as well as using the finest sustainable fabrics.

Here’s a look at the Capsule Collection

The Demi Halter Crop Top

The Elizabeth Dress

The Gia Halter Wrap Top & The Katherine Crop Pants

So what did I do? SixChel hosted several Pop-Up Shops in Austin, Texas and you better believe I stopped by to see this capsule collection in person. It was amazing to understand (in real life) how versatile these pieces were, lightweight, cruelty-free and sustainable…I was in heaven. I was also able to meet with the Boss herself Dina Chavez, who is absolutely a doll in person.

As seen in the photos above, you can easily pair each piece with items in your own wardrobe. My top pick is...the dress! It has a minimalist feel yet the simple touch of the added bow in the back will turn heads. In all, the show was intimate and welcoming where you could feel the vibe of women supporting women businesses. It was a one stop shop with mini-vegan makeovers, food, drinks, clothes and jewelry.

Pop-Up Showtime...

Final thoughts…it’s important to understand where your clothes are coming from and to realize that brands have their own way of expressing and “being” sustainable. For Dina, it’s about embracing sisterhood, using eco fabrics and creating a capsule collection that doesn’t run out of style. It’s slow, but this is the good kind of slow. SixChel doesn’t fall under the retail chain of fast fashion. Instead, each piece is made like a piece of art just as it should be.

Not only was it amazing to see the capsule collection (IRL) but also in collaboration with SixChel I was able to experience these pretty amazing Wow-men below:

To learn more about SixChel visit:

Jen Hearts Art

Talk about the ultimate Art Babe! We talked vegan cosmetics, life and a bit of business with a side of taking over the world! From MU Artist to Body Art, she's doing it right.

Perky Perky Coffee

Had an amazing "cup of jo" while I was at the show. I take my coffee black and loved it. Also, the fact she's a Female Boss...winning!

Lisa Crowder Jewelry

The location is everything. Within Canopy, you will find this contemporary boutique filled with work from Metalsmith Lisa Crowder. Jewelry inspired by form, color, line and balance was the perfect touch to pull the entire show together.

Live Balanced. Live Great.

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Recycling Your Look

Recycling your look can be so easy and anyone can do it! Here's a quick look at two different fashion "moods" I created with the same wide (bell) bottom jeans.

Look 1

Look 2

I wanted to share a few quick tips using the power of imagination, yes, that's all you need!

You can see in the above photos, I used the same bottom and a similar color story yet the two outfits have very different vibes.

Follow these 3 simple tips for a "Recycled Look"

1. Add a Hat

I added a wide brim fedora to look 2 for an instant change. Hats (one of my favorite accessories) can quickly transform anyone's image. The hat can be any "style" just keep in mind what top you will pair it with. If you are wearing a simple top (look 2) you have the ability to wear a dramatic hat. Yay, for "drama" hats!

2. Switch Accessories

The power of swapping your necklace (or earrings) can capture a person's attention quickly. For look 1, I wanted a more 70's vibe so I made sure to keep it light and stayed away from dark accessories. For look 2, I wanted a bold feel. So, I matched a dark fedora and choker to the minimalist white top to give it edge.

3. Top "Style" is Key

The top! Both tops are similar in color and they also show off my neck/shoulder area but the styles are quite different. If a top shows off your neckline or shoulders you are able to freely match a bold necklace or hat with it. Since look 1 had dramatic sleeves, I decided to stay away from adding a hat because I didn't want to take away from them. The key point here is even if you have two tops that are the same (or similar) in color, the style of the top matters the most. It will give people different points to look at (Ex: look 1, dramatic sleeves and look 2, double layered bottom) the attention will be drawn to the unique details instead.

Remember to use your imagination. The changes can be bold or simple but starting with these 3 tips while using the same bottom (or any clothing item of your choice) can lead to a sustainable wardrobe made simple.

Live Balanced. Live Great.

Jessica Salazar

Saya, the Ethical Hairpin that's Changing the World

Hair accessories, it’s the finishing touch to your look so small yet so important. Have you ever been in a moment when you realize “yes, I lost (or broke) my hair tie now what?” You are then in desperate need of one and the search begins asking people around you if they have something to tie your hair back. Most of us know that feeling or have witnessed someone in that moment. Hairpins, hair ties and headbands the list goes on for years women (and men) have used some kind of device to slick their hair back or use as ornamentation.

There are many written topics out there about hair, what products to use, how to grow it or simply showing us the hairstyle trends for the season. A topic that’s not highly discussed though (or maybe not even widely known) is Ethical Hairpins. Now how can a hairpin be ethical? That may be the question on your mind right now, which is fair. As “consumers” we may not think twice when we grab that elastic hair tie or clip, I know I didn’t but I am happy to tell you there is an ethical option out there.

Victoria Jones, Founder of Saya Designs collaborates with Balinese artisans to create a timeless collection of nature inspired hairpins. Saya uses salvaged root wood from old plantation sites in Indonesia. By using this waste material they are not adding excess to the Fashion Industry and are able to tell stories about issues they deeply care about… yes, the rainforests!

For each purchase, Saya will plant up to 10 endangered tree species back into the rainforests of Indonesia. Not only does this aid in vegetation but the welfare of wildlife within the rainforests. This topic goes beyond a beautiful hairpin (which the hairpins are quite great looking might I add) it’s about doing good in the world. It’s about reducing the harmful impact we may have on our planet and being bold enough to use unconventional material to do so.

It is magical when a brand is ethical, fair trade, collaborates with local artisans and then gives back. It makes me stop for a moment and realize it’s not just a hair tie, clip or pin anymore. The choices you make as a consumer (for any purchase) has a domino effect and for me, I am pretty happy with this one.

A closer look on how I styled my Saya Hairpin

The countdown is on, to support Saya Designs and their efforts in making this world a better place. Visit their Kickstarter Campaign below and help make a change in your life and others:

Saya has options for all hair lengths, colors and styles, to learn more about Saya Designs visit their website at:

Vegan Eye Bracelet: Michal Golan

Dress: Purchased at a local Goodwill

Live Balanced. Live Great.

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Snacking with Ozery

So you all know I discovered Ozery Bakery and I have eaten my way through their bread. Now, it's time for their "Snacking Rounds" Edition. Who loves snacking? I know snacking is one of my favorite things to do throughout my day.

I put together ideas for bite-sized vegan snacks using Ozery Bakery, Snacking Rounds and here's what I came up with. Remember, when you create your own snacks you can swap any items to your likely.

What I used:

Ozery Bakery Snacking Rounds

From top to bottom:

Cranberry Orange


Apple Cinnamon

The Fruit






Natural Blueberry Jam

Locally made, Jalapeño Jelly

Natural Peanut Butter

Natural Almond Butter

Organic Chia Seeds

Organic Flax Seeds


Vegan Chocolate Chips

Vegan Chocolate (drizzled over the plate)

While making these I noticed that they are not only great for snacking but for brunch as well. Another key detail to notice is you can make them savory as well for an evening snack or appetizer. After going through the products Ozery Bakery has to offer I have grown a fond respect and love for their work. Ozery has options for vegans and people conscience about what they put into their body. They also offer a variety which is important when you want to experiment with new flavors.

Ozery I am a fan! To discover what Ozery Bakery has to offer, visit them at:


Live Balanced. Live Great.

Jessica Salazar

Eco Golf Street Style, San Marcos Edition

For those of you who don't know, I played (still play) golf starting from middle school to my college days. After finishing up as a student-athlete, I also became the Assistant Women's Golf Coach at Texas State University. So, it's safe to say I have a love for the game but I also don't fall into the craze of enjoying what a "typical" golf outfit looks like. With this shoot, I wanted to play on my liking for both an edgy, street style mood and the classic game of golf.

Behind the Look

Leather and Denim: Matching faux leather and denim is a staple of mine. The elements of texture with color create a nice contrast (also, the denim is really comfortable) so this is ideal for an evening out with your gal pals.

I've had these pieces for a bit now and aside from my golf club, the denim top is the oldest item pictured. What's beautiful about getting your hands on denim is that as it ages it starts to create a vintage look which is wonderful because you can keep it in your closet for years.

Sunglasses: I am a huge sunnies girl as you see throughout my different styles I use some of my favorite sunglasses.  Just like my pink sunglasses in my previous look, these also came from the same local shop in Austin called Atown. This fun shop is home to the work of local artisans, which is why I am such a fan.

Photographer Highlight: It was great working with Larry Castillo, a San Marcos-based Professional Photographer. Larry loves to tell a story with his photos so for this look we really played on emotions and what it's like to live on the "edgy" side of golf. Props to everyone on set as we dared to play in the middle of the street which just added to the excitement.

For more on Larry visit:

Larry Castillo Photography

Makeup Highlight: My girl Makael Pritchard and I created this cruelty-free look by using a bronze and mauve color story, which continues to be one of my favorites. I decided to stay with the same makeup look and whip the hair up for a small mood transition.

For more on Makael visit:

Makael Pritchard Makeup

More on Eco Street Style, San Marcos Edition to come.

Live Balanced. Live Great.

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