I Said Yes To, YES TO Vegan Beauty Products For a Month and Here Are My Initial Thoughts

Yes to, YES TO Vegan Beauty!

The Skin Problem

I, like many out there, have skin problems. As a result, one day my skin is perfectly clear while the next day I wake up to find friends you know (the kind you want to unfriend) on my face. By the same token, my skin is sensitive, I have freckles and I burn quite easily. Ok, pause… after reading that my skin seems drastic, it isn’t. This is simply the sum of my skins evolution through the years. So lets’ face it (literally) and talk about it, we all have had good days coupled with not so good days in our skin. Under the circumstances, I  care for my skin and put my trust in sunblock, moisturizers, cleansers you name it. The tricky part for me is finding products that truly work and that those very beauty products are actually vegan too.

The Experiment in the Making

With some skin soul searching and research I, with the help of Yes To, discovered that Yes To has a new 100% vegan line. In the same fashion, with the exception of beeswax and honey as an ingredient in a few of their products, most of the Yes To beauty line is vegan. Not to mention, I have friends that really enjoy their products and use them faithfully. With this in mind, I wondered what it’s like to try Yes To for 1 month, yes, an entire month! I mean what did I have to lose? Maybe the products would not work? No big deal! On the contrary, what if  Yes To did work for me and all my skin problems were solved just by saying…yes.

So, for this reason, we picked the top vegan products as well as their full 100% vegan line for me to try for a month. I’d like to think of this test as a mini-relationship trial. Will this be the love of my life vegan beauty line or not?

Yes To 100% Vegan Line

3 Fun Facts About Yes To You May Not Know

Researching the brand I discovered 3 key facts that were important to me…

  1. Products contain at least 95% natural ingredients, are free of parabens and made of recyclable materials.
  2. Yes To Happiness is not only their mantra but a cause. In addition, they help create communities of happy, healthy women free of all the nasties (fear, self-doubt, unhealthy habits, judgment) and filled with all the goodies (confidence, courage, creativity, curiosity, acceptance).
  3. They are against animal testing and ensure their manufacturers adhere to this same principle. YES, the products actually contain carrot juice, cucumber extract, and tomato extract among other vegetables and fruits.

 Vitamin-Enriched Kale Mud Mask

The List of Yes To Vegan Beauty Products I’m Testing For 1 Month

  1. Yes To Carrots Vitamin-Enriched Kale DIY Powerd-To-Clay Mask,  Mud Mask,  Paper Mask, and Facial Wipes
  2. Yes To Tomatoes Detoxifying Charcoal 2-In-1 Scrub and Cleanser Stick
  3. Yes To Vitamin-Enriched Kale, Tomatoes Detoxifying CharcoalTomatoes Blemish Clearing, Grapefruit Brightening, Cucumbers, and Coconut Facial Wipes

 The Test Products

My Initial Thoughts

It’s true, I am a bit nervous, excited and anxious to try these products out. I am most excited about the part that all these beauty items are in fact vegan.  As I move forward with my journey, I have a few questions in mind… do the products help clear my skin, does my skin look brighter and did I see a noticeable difference with time?

Everyone has their own relationship with their skin and only YOU know your own skin the best. I hope to find the light at the end of this tunnel as I share my Yes To story with you. In short, there’s a lot of emotion you show on your face, the good the bad and the funny. So here’s to the start of a new adventure, after all, we need more good times and what better place to start than treating your skin right.

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Live Balanced. Live Great.
All There August

Jessica Salazar

*Yes To provided products so that I could better review their vegan beauty. In essence, I only partner with brands I truly believe in.