The Orenda Tribe, Empowering Children and Breaking Barriers Through Art

The Orenda Tribe: Empowering Children, a Force to be Reckoned With 

Think about all the things you used to do as a child… your creativity, your imagination, your playtime. Now think about your lifestyle today, do you still practice those things? Are you free to live with the creativity you had as a child? When I think about my childhood, I remember making things, playing, creating and expressing that through art. My home was an outlet that nurtured the creative, artistic child I was. That was a huge part of my life. Consequently, not everyone has that opportunity to “be a child” and have a safe zone for creative thinking though. Therefore, if you had the chance to nurture your creative side as a child would you go back and do it again? Would you give a child that opportunity?

Orenda [oh-ren-duh] a mystical force present in all people that empowers them to affect the world, or to effect change in their own lives – The Orenda Tribe

There are many Ethical Fashion brands out there doing good (and I love them for that) but none quite like The Orenda Tribe. Empowering children in disadvantaged communities through art, The Orenda Tribe is a game changer.

100% Organic Cotton Purposeful T-shirt

Why The Orenda Tribe is Keeping Creativity Alive…

Think about it, there are several universal languages everyone can feel or speak. As a result, some may think differently but a few of my favorite ones are food, love, music and yes…art. So who is The Orenda Tribe?  A brand with 7 values: Empower, Inspire, Hope, Fun, Community, Revival, and Growth. Bridging the gap between communities, The Orenda Tribe started as an idea of a t-shirt brand and became a growing movement on a mission to empower children through art.

We are on a mission of empowering children & breaking barriers between communities through art – The Orenda Tribe

Mama Bee T-Shirt 

Taking Action

From 17 Giving Back Projects such as providing a safe haven for children by promoting education and art at the Za’atari Refugee Camp to hosting Art Workshops that encourage children to attend school. The Orenda Tribe has reached over 2,000 children in 6 different communities to date.  With a number of their workshops including art therapy, the designs on the t-shirts are children’s artwork from communities where they give back. 

The Orends Tribe: What We Give Overview

The Orenda Tribe provides children with the opportunity to create and for me, that’s one of the greatest gifts you can give someone. They provide a space where children are free to express their ideas, their passions and most importantly feel empowered doing so. There are many hobbies, passions, and gifts a person may possess, from math to physical labor. As we know, art is different in everyone’s eyes. What’s beautiful to me, may not make sense to you but that is the beauty of art. Art is always right and it comes from a sacred place within someone. Without art, I would not be the person I am today. Hence, I know in my heart these children feel the same. Being able to translate their ideas in their soul onto a tangible item like a shirt is a magical thing. How else can you explain it?

A child is unfiltered and raw. As a result, I asked my nieces what art meant to them: Art makes me feel happy because you can draw whatever comes to mind, animals or flags. It’s exciting to paint and draw.

Buzzy Bees, The Orenda Tribe Elements, Mama Bee + T-Shirt

Empowering People

Pursuing a career in the creative field may scare some people. People may think you are a “dreamer” or there won’t be a guaranteed job for you. You won’t make money or it’s the unsafe (risky) route to take. Believe me, creatives have heard it all. The Orenda Tribe has shown to prove that to be wrong in every way. In addition, art is so important to a lot of children and adults in this world. We at times, push that aside and don’t listen (or follow) our natural passions. So, wearing The Orenda Tribe makes me feel as if I am a child again. It helps me believe in a future where art and creatives continue to thrive.

It’s no coincidence that today is International Women’s Day. Let’s continue to support the young females and youth in our communities. It takes males, females of all ages and diverse backgrounds to inspire a good change.  The Orenda Tribe is encouraging education, creating lasting relationships within communities, empowering people to make positive changes and it’s all through art. Art is the love language here and it’s our job to keep that alive. No great thing ever really dies, it lives within us forever. Alive in us, alive in children and we should spread that love.

Sun: Empowerment, Inspiration + Hope | Tent: Community | Leaf: Revival + Growth 

Learn more about the designs inspired by children’s artwork on 100% Organic Cotton Purposeful T-shirts + Recycled Material in Packaging and support their cause of empowering children through art at

The Orenda Tribe

Live Balanced. Live Great.

Jessica Salazar

Sponsored Post: This post was sponsored by The Orenda Tribe, a brand I personally fell in love with because of their genuine dedication to inspiring our youth. I only feature brands I truly support in order to spread a cruelty-free lifestyle.