5 Unique Sustainable Valentine’s Gift and Date Ideas

The universal “love” day is just around the corner. Valentine’s Day, if you walk into any shop right now you will see flowers, chocolate, stuffed animals, and balloons. You won’t miss it. The array of pink, red, and white colors just bursting from the seams and then, you can’t help but fall in love. Or if you’re like me, fall in love (for a moment in time) then snap yourself out of it… fast! So what’s a “lover” to do when you want to be unique and not buy into Valentine’s Day Specials? In order to help you out a bit, I thought of 5 Unique Sustainable Valentines’s Gift and Date Ideas that will be special, affordable and most of all sustainable.



1. Write Your Own Love Note

Take it old school, get a pen and paper then pour your heart out. This note can be really romantic or funny depending on the person you give it to. Creating your own Valentine’s Day card is meaningful and shows you put time and thought into a gift.

2. Let’s Picnic Together

Yes, please! Cook your own meal, snacks and purchase a bottle of organic wine from your local supermarket, count me in! This is such a romantic gesture, you and your loved ones can enjoy being outside and soaking in the day. If the weather is not on your side, take the picnic indoors. I’ve done both and organizing a picnic is a simple way to actually “be” together.

3. Pick Your Own Flowers

Go on, you can do it. If you have access to a beautiful garden pick several and tie them together. You can add this to your love note or be really romantic and place them around the house. There are also local flower shops where you can pick your own flowers as well. The main idea here is to buy (or pick) local. Valentine’s Day is the moment you can really showcase your cupid side. Happy picking!

4. Make Your Own Valentine’s Gift Basket

Let’s “real” talk right now. A stuffed animal will only last so long and serves a limited purpose. Unless you’re my dog, he still plays with all his stuffed animals. For me, I’ve learned that creating a custom gift basket with goodies that specific person loves is a more sustainable gift idea. It can be their favorite, soaps, baked goods, a book or beauty products. Goodies the person actually needs (or wants) is a guaranteed win.

5. Gather Together

Instead of a party for 2, why don’t you gather together as 1? This could be a Valentine’s with all your pals, single, married or family members. You may gather together and craft Valentine’s Day cards, cook together or buy a piñata (we did that one year) then celebrate the love together. Don’t forget your fur babies too!

Remember Valentines’s Day is about love. You don’t have to buy diamond necklaces, spend $100 on flowers or get the latest gadgets. So let’s drink (or eat) to these Unique Sustainable Valentine’s Gift and Date Ideas where we honor the true meaning of love.

Live Balanced. Live Great.

Jessica Salazar