Joon Haircare, Everything Good and Cruelty-free in One Bottle

Cruelty-free haircare will no longer be the same with this little magic potion in a bottle. Joon Haircare, Houston born and Persian inspired is everything that is “positive vibes.” Does anyone else struggle to find haircare that actually works and is cruelty-free? I did (emphasis on the did) before I stumbled upon Joon Haircare.  So here’s the scoop, I (personally) am skeptical when products have a “rose scent” to them. It’s just personal preference, sometimes it’s too strong. Before I even opened it (and started using it) on my hair I already thought… hmmm, I don’t know about this “rose scent” but I’ll give it a try, with an open mind. Well, I gave it a chance and I am so happy I did. It had the right amount of rose without being too overpowering and in addition the perfect blend of fig and pomegranate, so Joon, you made me a “rose believer,” a Joonie!

Let’s get to the facts, what is Joon Haircare?




Image from Joon Haircare

Joon (which means “dear” and “life” in Persian) created a plant-based Saffron Hair Elixir, using a mixture of Persian secrets and modern technique.

What can Saffron, Pistachio, and Rose do for your hair?

Saffron: Strengthens hair

Pistachio: Nourishes and moisturizes hair

Rose: Allows hair to be smooth and shiny

Features & Benefits in the Bottle:

Gives Shine





Seals ends

Heat Protectant


No Sulfates, & Parabens


Ok, so now that we know the facts, I tested it out with my family (both male and female) to get some feedback. I had them use it for several days and here’s key comments from them:

Hair felt soft and smooth

Hair felt stronger

Loved the smell their hair had through the day

They felt hair was healthy and shiny

Worked on frizzy hair

I used the Elixir for a longer period of time and overall I felt the same benefits above. I made sure to not use any other additional hair products (except for my regular shampoo) to gain true results. I additionally used it when I incorporated any heating tools and before brushing my hair. What I found out was, instead of using several haircare products to do the job I now only needed one that met my needs and yes, made my hair smell awesome.

If you like oil products or even if you are thinking about trying a new haircare routine Joon’s Elixir will not disappoint. Use it on wet or dry hair, great for travel, local and a female owned brand…count me in because now I’m a Joonie.

Find out more about Joon Haircare at Joon Haircare

Live Balanced. Live Great.

Jessica Salazar