Recycling Your Look

Recycling your look can be so easy and anyone can do it! Here’s a quick look at two different fashion “moods” I created with the same wide (bell) bottom jeans.

Look 1

Look 2

I wanted to share a few quick tips using the power of imagination, yes, that’s all you need!

You can see in the above photos, I used the same bottom and a similar color story yet the two outfits have very different vibes.

Follow these 3 simple tips for a “Recycled Look”

1. Add a Hat

I added a wide brim fedora to look 2 for an instant change. Hats (one of my favorite accessories) can quickly transform anyone’s image. The hat can be any “style” just keep in mind what top you will pair it with. If you are wearing a simple top (look 2) you have the ability to wear a dramatic hat. Yay, for “drama” hats!

2. Switch Accessories

The power of swapping your necklace (or earrings) can capture a person’s attention quickly. For look 1, I wanted a more 70’s vibe so I made sure to keep it light and stayed away from dark accessories. For look 2, I wanted a bold feel. So, I matched a dark fedora and choker to the minimalist white top to give it edge.

3. Top “Style” is Key

The top! Both tops are similar in color and they also show off my neck/shoulder area but the styles are quite different. If a top shows off your neckline or shoulders you are able to freely match a bold necklace or hat with it. Since look 1 had dramatic sleeves, I decided to stay away from adding a hat because I didn’t want to take away from them. The key point here is even if you have two tops that are the same (or similar) in color, the style of the top matters the most. It will give people different points to look at (Ex: look 1, dramatic sleeves and look 2, double layered bottom) the attention will be drawn to the unique details instead.

Remember to use your imagination. The changes can be bold or simple but starting with these 3 tips while using the same bottom (or any clothing item of your choice) can lead to a sustainable wardrobe made simple.

Live Balanced. Live Great.

Jessica Salazar