Saya, the Ethical Hairpin that’s Changing the World

Hair accessories, it’s the finishing touch to your look so small yet so important. Have you ever been in a moment when you realize “yes, I lost (or broke) my hair tie now what?” You are then in desperate need of one and the search begins asking people around you if they have something to tie your hair back. Most of us know that feeling or have witnessed someone in that moment. Hairpins, hair ties and headbands the list goes on for years women (and men) have used some kind of device to slick their hair back or use as ornamentation.

There are many written topics out there about hair, what products to use, how to grow it or simply showing us the hairstyle trends for the season. A topic that’s not highly discussed though (or maybe not even widely known) is Ethical Hairpins. Now how can a hairpin be ethical? That may be the question on your mind right now, which is fair. As “consumers” we may not think twice when we grab that elastic hair tie or clip, I know I didn’t but I am happy to tell you there is an ethical option out there.

Victoria Jones, Founder of Saya Designs collaborates with Balinese artisans to create a timeless collection of nature inspired hairpins. Saya uses salvaged root wood from old plantation sites in Indonesia. By using this waste material they are not adding excess to the Fashion Industry and are able to tell stories about issues they deeply care about… yes, the rainforests!

For each purchase, Saya will plant up to 10 endangered tree species back into the rainforests of Indonesia. Not only does this aid in vegetation but the welfare of wildlife within the rainforests. This topic goes beyond a beautiful hairpin (which the hairpins are quite great looking might I add) it’s about doing good in the world. It’s about reducing the harmful impact we may have on our planet and being bold enough to use unconventional material to do so.

It is magical when a brand is ethical, fair trade, collaborates with local artisans and then gives back. It makes me stop for a moment and realize it’s not just a hair tie, clip or pin anymore. The choices you make as a consumer (for any purchase) has a domino effect and for me, I am pretty happy with this one.

A closer look on how I styled my Saya Hairpin

The countdown is on, to support Saya Designs and their efforts in making this world a better place. Visit their Kickstarter Campaign below and help make a change in your life and others:

Saya has options for all hair lengths, colors and styles, to learn more about Saya Designs visit their website at:

Vegan Eye Bracelet: Michal Golan

Dress: Purchased at a local Goodwill

Live Balanced. Live Great.

Jessica Salazar