Snacking with Ozery

So you all know I discovered Ozery Bakery and I have eaten my way through their bread. Now, it’s time for their “Snacking Rounds” Edition. Who loves snacking? I know snacking is one of my favorite things to do throughout my day.

I put together ideas for bite-sized vegan snacks using Ozery Bakery, Snacking Rounds and here’s what I came up with. Remember, when you create your own snacks you can swap any items to your likely.

What I used:

Ozery Bakery Snacking Rounds

From top to bottom:

Cranberry Orange


Apple Cinnamon

The Fruit






Natural Blueberry Jam

Locally made, Jalapeño Jelly

Natural Peanut Butter

Natural Almond Butter

Organic Chia Seeds

Organic Flax Seeds


Vegan Chocolate Chips

Vegan Chocolate (drizzled over the plate)

While making these I noticed that they are not only great for snacking but for brunch as well. Another key detail to notice is you can make them savory as well for an evening snack or appetizer. After going through the products Ozery Bakery has to offer I have grown a fond respect and love for their work. Ozery has options for vegans and people conscience about what they put into their body. They also offer a variety which is important when you want to experiment with new flavors.

Ozery I am a fan! To discover what Ozery Bakery has to offer, visit them at:


Live Balanced. Live Great.

Jessica Salazar