Eco Street Style, San Marcos Edition

It was amazing to collaborate with local creatives to build this full Eco Street Style Look, San Marcos Edition. If you know my clothing “mood” you will find my in a lot of dark colors (vegan leather, sorry blame it on my biker dad) but since it’s Spring I decided to give you print (you can thank my mom for that one) and color for a change.

Receiving my Undergraduate Degree from Texas State University and now working here as a Fashion Professor I have a fine love for San Marcos, Texas. So with this shoot, we wanted to capture the hustle and bustle of downtown San Marcos with several different looks. If you know San Marcos you will be able to recognize exactly where I am and if you are unfamiliar, well, welcome to “San Marvelous.”

Behind the First Look

Dress: I was able to score this secondhand dress for $9.99 at a local Goodwill. Key Eco Tip, remember I always recommend you take your time thrifting…the best things in life come when you are a curious shopper. When this colorful dress fell into my hands (after grabbing a few black dresses) I just knew this one was meant for “Spring Me.”

Purse: I am particular about purses and I have been on such a backpack purse binge that when I saw this one I knew I could transform it. The original purse was fully blue with no design or texture to it. So what I did (while staring at it for a few moments) was think to myself, ok, this is a perfect canvas to add a pop of color. So I did just that and added each pom-pom individually to the purse with beads surrounding it. You can do this with any purse by stitching or using the appropriate glue to add on items of your choice. This will give your creative mind some love as well as give your fashion item a new life.

Shoes: I took the same upcycled purse concept and geared it towards the shoes. I have had these shoes for years now and wanted to try something new with them.

Sunglasses: I am a huge sunnies girl. It’s just something in me that loves to wear sunglasses. These came from a local shop in Austin called Atown. This fun shop is home to the work of local artisans. Shop and support local, you all know my motto.

Photographer Highlight: It was great working with Larry Castillo, a San Marcos-based Professional Photographer. Each Photographer I have worked with has a unique creative expression, which is wonderful to experience. Larry loves to tell a story with his photos. As we go through my different looks you will see the story evolve.

For more on Larry visit:

Larry Castillo Photography

Makeup Highlight: So my girl Makael Pritchard and I created this cruelty-free look using products that show love to our fur babies. We went for a bronze and mauve color story, which is one of my favorites. The makeup lasted the entire day which it vital for shoots and if you are on the go. Makael is a pure artist and can create any look you desire which is why she is made to be the Boss Babe she is.

For more on Makael visit:

Makael Pritchard Makeup

More on Eco Street Style, San Marcos Edition to come.

Live Balanced. Live Great.

Jessica Salazar





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