Eco Golf Street Style, San Marcos Edition

For those of you who don’t know, I played (still play) golf starting from middle school to my college days. After finishing up as a student-athlete, I also became the Assistant Women’s Golf Coach at Texas State University. So, it’s safe to say I have a love for the game but I also don’t fall into the craze of enjoying what a “typical” golf outfit looks like. With this shoot, I wanted to play on my liking for both an edgy, street style mood and the classic game of golf.

Behind the Look

Leather and Denim: Matching faux leather and denim is a staple of mine. The elements of texture with color create a nice contrast (also, the denim is really comfortable) so this is ideal for an evening out with your gal pals.

I’ve had these pieces for a bit now and aside from my golf club, the denim top is the oldest item pictured. What’s beautiful about getting your hands on denim is that as it ages it starts to create a vintage look which is wonderful because you can keep it in your closet for years.

Sunglasses: I am a huge sunnies girl as you see throughout my different styles I use some of my favorite sunglasses.  Just like my pink sunglasses in my previous look, these also came from the same local shop in Austin called Atown. This fun shop is home to the work of local artisans, which is why I am such a fan.

Photographer Highlight: It was great working with Larry Castillo, a San Marcos-based Professional Photographer. Larry loves to tell a story with his photos so for this look we really played on emotions and what it’s like to live on the “edgy” side of golf. Props to everyone on set as we dared to play in the middle of the street which just added to the excitement.

For more on Larry visit:

Larry Castillo Photography

Makeup Highlight: My girl Makael Pritchard and I created this cruelty-free look by using a bronze and mauve color story, which continues to be one of my favorites. I decided to stay with the same makeup look and whip the hair up for a small mood transition.

For more on Makael visit:

Makael Pritchard Makeup

More on Eco Street Style, San Marcos Edition to come.

Live Balanced. Live Great.

Jessica Salazar