Morning Rounds Fit For Every Athlete

So it’s about that time of year again Holidays are approaching, school is out and you will find food everywhere you go. Cookies, pies…anything and everything, you can and (believe me) you will find it. Knowing this, how can you set yourself up to maintain a healthy diet during the Holidays?

Well, if you love food the way I love food (and that’s with great passion) creating a healthy, fulfilling breakfast is vital in setting the mood for your day. Searching for satisfying breakfast staples though can at times be a challenge. Let’s not even bring up the fact after you discover these awesome foods you must find different and exciting ways to cook with these staple items. So take a deep breath and remember, you don’t have to be Julia Child in the kitchen you also don’t have to be vegan or an athlete either but fueling your body with the right food is fundamental for all. For me, I feel everyone is an “athlete” in his or her own way. In my eyes, your body is your machine and whatever profession you may have you use your body and mind to accomplish that. So you are an athlete and your machine needs fuel!

When thinking about this don’t fear you are not alone let me assure you, even the greatest foodies and athletes need some time to find their staple breakfast items. You hear it everywhere; breakfast is so important if not the most important meal of your day. So I thought about it and I was on a mission (yes, another mission) I wanted to find breakfast items that would satisfy my cravings, fuel my body and do it without hurting any animal. So for my athletes out there (and yes, I am talking to everyone) I found the gold at the end of the rainbow and it starts with an “O” because oh…these rounds are worth it!

I believe 100% in consuming items that are close to their natural state and made with minimal ingredients that I know and can pronounce. So exploring my local grocery store (on my mission) I was reading labels of different products and came across Ozery Bakery, Morning Rounds. After researching Ozery Bakery (yes, in the grocery isle) I discovered the company doesn’t use artificial preservatives, no GMO’s and no mysterious ingredients you can’t pronounce. What are they? Morning Rounds, Snacking Rounds and lunch and dinner breads that come in different flavors and sizes which is a positive when you are thinking of variety in your meals.

So for your pleasure (ok, ok this was for my pleasure too) I experimented with a variety of breakfast options using their Morning Rounds and below you can explore my “Morning Eating Journey.”

What I used:

Morning Rounds – Date and Chia



What I created:


For the athletes that want a fruity mix, I used a natural blueberry jam and topped the Morning Round with fresh fruit. The date and chia was a nice balance for this simple and classic dish.

What I used:

Morning Rounds – Muesli



What I created:



For the chocolate lover! I created a peanut butter, strawberry, banana and chocolate Morning Round. Simply spread the peanut butter on both halves. Top it with strawberry, dairy-free chocolate chips and add bananas on the side for taste. Then finish the dish with drizzled vegan dark chocolate.

What I used:

Morning Rounds – Apple Cinnamon




What I created:


For the breakfast go-to, I used the Apple Cinnamon Morning Round as a side dish to a classic homemade oatmeal. Served with fresh fruit and agave drizzled on top.

What I used:

Morning Rounds – Cranberry Orange



What I created:



The ultimate peanut butter and jelly fruit “Gordita.” Inspired by the Mexican Gordita, this breakfast gordita is stuffed with peanut butter, natural blueberry jelly and fresh fruit with extra fruit on the side please!

Finished Products



After eating my way through these rounds I wanted to share with “non” vegan athletes and…I DID! The feedback was positive they enjoyed the flavors, variety and that it was healthy fuel for your body. Ozery’s products are evidence this company cares about what individuals put in their body and for me I stand by companies that care about my health just as I do.

So ladies and gents eat through the Holidays guilt-free with these breakfast options and feel free to sub out any item that best suits you. Share your meals with me and enjoy your breakfast fit for every athlete out there!


Stay tuned as I explore and eat my way through lunch and dinner with Ozery Bakery. For more information on Ozery or if you want to follow along with my “Eating Journey”  visit their website below.

Live Balance. Live Great.

Jessica Salazar

Edited by: Angela Salazar