A “Sweet and Tasty” Birthday

What does a birthday mean? For some it’s just another day but for me it’s different. For me, it’s one of the best days and no not only because you get to celebrate how awesome you are and that you were born but rather it’s because you lived. It means everything you have been through, everything you did and didn’t do, everything you loved (and yes, let’s say it) hated has brought you to this very point in your life…your birthday.

A birthday, the best day on earth no matter how old you are about to turn YOU MUST CELEBRATE IT! So this year I had planned to celebrate by traveling back home for both my birthday as well as my mom’s. I wanted to celebrate with family, friends and YES, a vegan cake.

Remember my family isn’t vegan so every chance I get to share my vegan treats with them I do it. So I planned a small BBQ (veggies for me, thank you dad) and I thought OK, the “cakes” need to be the main focus. I ordered my mom her favorite cake (job done) taken care of, check! Then it was my turn…what cake will I have? After some pondering I called this lovely cake shop called Sweet and Tasty in McAllen, Texas and asked…do you make vegan cakes? In my brain I was thinking OK I have a 50/50 chance for them to make my day and tell me yes. So I waited for what seemed (in my brain) to be a century for their response and yes, they said YES! Let me tell you, them telling me yes alone could have been my birthday present.

So this is the key situation in the story and this is how I know everyone at Sweet and Tasty are ROCK STARS! On the phone and through email I said “this is what I am all about” ethical fashion, golf, veganism this is my brand. I also said you have the freedom to be creative. I want to be surprised and I want you to do what you do.

So I left my cake destiny in their hands. For me this was both easy and hard to do. I at times am free spirited and let the universe take care of things on its own time and other times…well, there’s a dire need for me to know exactly what is happening (it’s a balance) so I was fighting this. Yes, you may be thinking it’s just a cake but it was still in the back of my mind…

Hmm I wonder how my cake is looking?

It’s Party day! At this point everyone was starting to arrive, house is ready, food is ready and cake is about to arrive. My mom got off the car and I see her with the white box. Mind you my dad had already surprised her that day with flowers at work and picked up her cake so mine was the only one left. That white little box was tearing at my need to know and I wanted to drop everything I was doing to run and open it (who are we kidding)…I did just that. “You will love it, I started to cry when I saw it,” my mom tells my as I’m trying to rip the tape on the sides off and love it I did.


As I opened the box I did feel a sense of love. The way Sweet and Tasty was able to portray my life through a cake, it was art, it was a piece of me and it was beautifully done. For me that was the “Sweet” part.



Now for the “Tasty” part. I had been starring at my cake the entire evening and everyone was commenting how great it looked. After the singing and picture taking it was the moment of truth. I took my knife, sliced right into it and ate the first piece…SOLD! I was thinking wow, how is this vegan? Are you sure you’re not tricking me? How can this cake taste so great? It was magic! I had to refrain myself from eating the entire thing…so I shared. Everyone had both cakes the vegan and non-vegan one. Let me tell you they were shocked, they could not tell the difference in taste and that ladies and gentleman is what makes my heart happy. To share with the world (in this case my family) that a “vegan” cake has the ability to taste just as good as a cake made with dairy and eggs, now that’s pure happiness for me. Even my brother…aside from my dad (who now is more open to vegan items) loved it. Of course after a few vegan jokes (just as an awesome big brother should do) said I tried the cake…and it was good. Yes! I did an imaginary fist pump in my mind.






So, Sweet and Tasty really made my birthday special and the fact as a company they created a vegan cake that depicted my life with just inspiration to go off of says a lot about them. The reason why I said I felt love when I opened the box is I knew that there was no harm done to any being in order to make this cake. I was consuming positive energy and thoughts and for me that’s what made this cake amazing. Sweet and Tasty you are the icing on my cake, literally! You created a stunning piece of work and my heart and taste buds will remember that always.



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Live Balance. Live Great.

Jessica Salazar

Edited by: Angela Salazar