The Tee Project

Imagine yourself on the tee box, how many tees do you see forgotten, left behind or sadly broken? Better yet, what happens to these tees? Do they drift away to tee heaven, where all the broken tees (along with your lost golf balls) rest in peace? Let’s face it a lot of us don’t really give it a second thought, right? So the golf tee becomes an after thought. You think to yourself, hey I have a million more in my bag what’s one lost tee going to do to me? In reality though, the golf tee is a vital part of our game. I mean who plays without a tee in a round of golf? OK, OK some people may but no one I would play with or have played with for that matter. So let’s start looking at the golf tee as a “first pick.” Think of your fantasy football teams…if I participated in fantasy football (let’s get real I have no clue how to) but if I did, you better believe tees would be my first pick.


I have broken my fair share of tees in my life and I am sure if you are an avid golfer you have done the same. I am also sure (now thinking about it) if you combined every tee I’ve used (and killed) throughout my lifetime you can
probably create a small forest with them. Do I feel horrible about that? You are DARN RIGHT I do! Those of you who know me understand that I am very passionate about sustainable and recycled products. So my search for an impeccable tee continued…until the golf gods gathered together and decided to create this seamless tee. It is true, I have found the love of my life and the best part is it’s green, never breaks in tough situations and I only need one yes, I found the perfect…tee. The search is over ladies and gentlemen swipe right and please meet the Tee Project.

The Tee Project



With the Tee Project, tees are made from recycled materials and their performance speaks wonders. I personally tried them on the range and hit the same tee 18 times. I thought, amazing I can play a round with just one tee. After that I figured I would spice things up and ask 3 gentlemen to hit the same tee with their drivers guy 1, guy 2, guy 3…(looks at tee) YES, still in perfect condition. Not only are these “magical” tees sustainable but also as a company they support a different cause each year to give back to the community…talk about the real deal.

A tee fresh out of the bag


Tee hit 18 times


After Guy 1


After Guy 2


And after Guy 3


Why this should matter? Well, there are many “issues” out there when it comes to the idea “is golf sustainable?” I was fortunate enough to speak with Alex Kummer (The Man himself) creator of the Tee Project and get his insight on how and why the brand was born.

Here is what he had to say…

“I came up with the idea for Tee Project out of my passions for golf and social entrepreneurship. Creating a brand that centers around giving back was an important piece of criteria for me. We combine that mission with a quality product to serve as an important vessel to carry our brand while exceeding our golfers’ expectations. Our golfers love our tee. It’s made from recycled materials and lasts considerably longer than traditional wood tees. From a product standpoint, we hope to provide our golfers with a unique and sustainable option on the course.” – Alex Kummer


So, this is my invitation to take a moment and ponder on how you can live a sustainable life and what that looks like for you. If you golf, small acts can make a difference and these tees are far from a “small” act. In the big scheme of things these little recycled tees make a world of difference. For me, it’s not “just” a tee but an act and movement towards a better future and who doesn’t love that?

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Live Balance. Live Great.

Jessica Salazar

Edited by: Angela Salazar