“Beyond” Amazing

I find myself either on a mission or pondering through new vegan items when I’m at the grocery store. I look for items that will keep me on point while I’m on the golf course or being “awesome at life” and this time I found Beyond Meat. So, naturally I was now on “my mission” to try a package (or several.) You see who wants to try just one chicken strip package? One chicken strip package needs company, right? RIGHT, so I ended up with these bad gals. It was all for research, all for you, I promise. So please meet Beyond Meat…Chicken Strips, Swedish Meatballs and Beast Burger.

This is the Group.



Enjoy the Meat-free beauty…

Beyond Chicken

Lightly Seasoned Strips




For the chicken strips I did a stir-fry. I sautéed the strips first then added mixed veggies, nuts and flax seeds. They have a tender texture which makes them feel and taste like chicken. You can sub these strips potentially anywhere you use grilled chicken. Keep them as is or add your favorite seasoning or sauces.

Beyond Beef

Swedish Meatballs





Matching Swedish Meatballs with not only salty sauces but also sweet condiments can really switch up your dish. For these meatballs I browned them a bit and topped them with maple syrup. They were absolutely my favorite! You can eat them with maple syrup, jam and chutney or make them salty and toss them in spaghetti or a sub sandwich. These will change your life (I am serious though, I’m really not kidding…drop everything and go find them.)

Beyond Meat

Beast Burger, Beyond Nutrition Blend





I made these for my parents (yes, they eat meat) and they loved them. My dad especially (maybe because the name “Beast Burger” made it tough and manly) whatever it may have been he was definitely a fan. The patties have a meatier taste compared to a veggie or bean patty taste. The texture is also tender and you can grill them outside which is amazing because you can BBQ and be vegan/vegetarian y’all! Match them with burger buns, your favorite bread or salad and you will be ready to relax and enjoy your Summer days.

Beyond Meat as a whole is absolutely satisfying. You can find them at your local supermarket and they can be eaten in various ways. If you are a “Veg” person you will enjoy these and they will be a great addition to your meat-free life. For those who eat meat…keep an open mind and try them. You never know, you could fall in love (you know, like a romantic fairly tale) “Beyond” belief that you magically fell in love so fast…see what I did there.

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Live Balance. Live Great.

Jessica Salazar