What a Vegan Eats

To give you a little insight on some of the best vegan/vegetarian eats I have had these past few months I thought it was appropriate to show you snap shots I gathered. Different lighting, different vibes but hey… that’s the best part you know why? Well, because it is real! So enjoy and visit these places because hands down these dishes were/are amazing.

You are about to be introduced to (refrain yourself from falling in love too fast) some of the best vegan/vegetarian options around…


Texas BBQ Burger

Loving Hut

2825 South Kirkwood Road Houston, Texas

This is when you die and go to heaven…(wait) then you realize heaven is on earth and you are eating it!


Whole Foods

Alamo Quarry 255 E. Basse Rd, Ste 130 San Antonio, Texas

Go to the food section and there’s endless vegan options. I just put this sandwich together with their vegan chicken salad, spinach, carrots, tomatoes and hummus before heading to the golf course.


Gruene River Grill

1259 Gruene Road New Braunfels, Texas

Shout-Out to the Chef that came out to speak to me and go over my food preference THEN made me this custom dish! Veggies and pasta…ask and you shall receive.


Black Bean & Corn Veggie Burger

The Patty Wagon

The Hitch Mobile Eatery 312 E. Hopkins St. San Marcos, Texas

Umm…YUM and done! Visit the Hitch for a  great outdoor atmosphere bring your family, children, pet children and you are great to go.


Holy Avocado

St. Pita’s

The Hitch Mobile Eatery 312 E. Hopkins St. San Marcos, Texas

Another YUM and done also conveniently (YESSS) located at The Hitch.


Moe Faux Burger

Moe Better Burgers

420 University Dr. San Marcos, Texas

That solid burger you need in your life.


La Bandita


1400 S. Congress Ave. Austin, Texas

I mean it’s Austin (perfection) end of story.


Veggie Burger

Big Bob’s Burgers

Downtown San Antonio, Texas

I literally had all the people with me (huge meat eaters by the way) try this. Needless to say…they loved it!


Vegan Delight, Vegan Bowl, Homemade Hummus and Baba Ganoush


206A San Antonio St. San Marcos, Texas

All around great food, I would eat this everyday if I could and…maybe I might.


OK, now take a moment to gather yourself.

Some of these dishes come with cheese or gluten-free options, you can either take it as is or make it your own. Let me tell you…you need to eat through this list and then tell me how you loved them. Also let me know other vegan places out there I need to try.

Live Balanced. Live Great.

Jessica Salazar